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Wairere Nursery began in 1990 when Harry and Lloyd found a special piece of paradise in the heart of the Waikato at Gordonton.

However, the seeds of their life in Horticulture were sown much earlier. Harry attributes his eldest sister Dora (a passionate gardener and Irisarian) teaching him about all things green and growing from a very young age. Lloyd's earliest memories of enjoying plants are from about age five. At 18 he left school to work in a bank but his weekend job at Heritage Horticulture was where his true interest lay. It was inevitable that Lloyd's career in banking was a short one and the weekend job became full time leading to a horticultural career that encompassed both the growing and retailing of plants.

Lloyd is a passionate plantsman with an eye for detail and is responsible for building Wairere's informative database about all things botanical. This is shared with customers via regular e-mail newsletters and the Wairere website.

From a road-side stall that just sold herbs Wairere has grown to be a large and well-respected nursery based in the Waikato and dispatching plants throughout NZ. The stock range is varied and comprehensive specialising in roses, fruits and ornamental trees.

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A beautiful and much-admired garden has been developed on the property and this continues to grow and be transformed as Lloyd's passion for form and foliage is reflected with plenty of perennials and annuals being used to make the garden look more cheerful. The potager reflects the growing trend of home-grown food with a variety of fruit trees, herbs and food crops.

Customers are encouraged to wander the gardens and potager, enjoy these peaceful areas and gather ideas and inspiration. So, whether you are shopping here online at www.wairere.nz or at the Nursery in Gordonton you know you can be assured of a warm family welcome from Lloyd, Tony and the team.

Wairere Nursery - quality plants, knowledge and expertise and where gardening, is most definitely, never a drag.

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