Bottling fresh fruit is really easy. Open a jar of bottled fruit for all manner of desserts and cooking.

Quantity of Fruit
You can use this preserving information for most stone fruits. Apples, pears, peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums for example.
Whatever fruit you are bottling you should remove the skin and the seed. Pears and apples need to be cored and stonefruit can be stoned if free stone, otherwise cut the fruit from the stone in large pieces.
I keep my peach pieces in lightly salted water to stop them going brown. This works for apples and pears too.
Have clean preserving jars in a low heat oven to sterilise and to have hot ready for bottling.

To make a sweet syrup use cup for cup of water and sugar but use less sugar for a lighter syrup. Make an amount of syrup suitable for quantity of fruit being preserved.
Bring syrup to the boil, when boiling add fruit pieces, and bring to the boil again. Don't overcook as some fruit will go mushy. Spoon fruit into warm jars until full and then overflow with syrup. If more syrup is needed for the next batch add further sugar and water and re bring to boil. Then add next lot of peaches.
Ensure all air bubbles are removed. Make sure that jar rim is clean and the screw on seal. Leave until cool and seals have all gone down. Remove rings and wash jars and store.

Bottle most stonefruit and pipfruit in this manner


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