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Hybrid Std. Bred from the popular species C. Transnokoensis, 'Transtasman' has masses of tiny, single flowers that open from tight pink buds. The flowers have tones of pale pink to white. Presented here as a standard. Happiest in semi-shade. Evergreen.


Flower Colour: Pink / White
Mature Size (HxW): Standard

Camellia Transtasman Std

Current Stock Height: 90/130cm  ? 

Container: 15l  ? 

WAS $214.99 LESS 20%
NOW $171.99

Stock of this item is very low.


Camellia Transtasman Std

Current Stock Height: 85/95cm  ? 

Container: 2.5l  ? 

WAS $79.99 LESS 20%
NOW $63.99


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