Citrus Problem Identification

Yellow Leaves

           Citrus requires free draining, high fertility soil and the planting aspect can in most cases be developed to suit. If the soil is a heavy clay type create a mound above, 1 metre in diameter and 300 mm high and plant your tree on top.

Always ensure excess water can be drained off the immediate root ball area of the tree.

Yellowing leaves can indicate a lack of nutrients. 

Brown Leaves

           Browning on the underside of the leaves generally means the tree is open to cold winds. The only remedy is to shelter the southern, or prevailing wind side of the tree with artificial windbreak until better long-term shelter grows.

Tree sheds leaves

           Once again cold conditions or wet feet. Remedy - mound up tree or help with artificial shelter on cold prevailing wind side. 

Small Fruit drop off

            Citrus is a very heavy flowering tree and the health of the tree dictates how much set fruit it can sustain. Don't be alarmed if during growing season fruitlets drop off. The tree will maintain what it is capable of holding - it is normal to have some fruit drop .

If the crop is very heavy, thin out some of the fruit when green which will help your fruit size and help your citrus tree becoming bi-annual bearing.  Cut fruit off with sharp secateurs, don't pull at them!.


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