I have to share how our Christmas brunch went  as it was Victoria who sent in her tip for doing eggs for a large group of people. I was looking to change our menu a bit and these eggs were just a winner.
The problem with our brunch is I never know how many are going to turn up from the family, extended families, friends of friends. Its a gamble and I guess that its always around 30 to say 60 people and I reckon this year hovered at about 50 for our brunch.

So its a big thank to Victoria for this easy to prepare egg dish. I did as she suggested and made the cases in muffin tins the night before.  I did 48 cases thinking that would be enough for at least one each but they are so good looking that I'm afraid some missed out.  I find myself doing these as a preference to traditional bacon and poached eggs, heaps less mess. My only tip to add is make sure that you use muffin tins that are non stick so that the eggs just slide out easily.

Victoria's  .....An easy way to do bulk bacon and eggs

Put streaky bacon around outside of a patti tin -cook for 7-10 mins at around 180 degrees.. watch these as they do cook quite quickly, then you can leave over night in fridge. 
In morning break an egg in then top with half a cherry tomatoe and sprig of parsley Cook for ten mins and again I cooked these at 180 degrees and watched them. They took between 8 and 15mins to cook but a little shake of the muffin tin will indicate a runny yolk still.
I can do 3 dozen at a time, they look Christmassy too
Victoria xx


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