Picture of Apple Fuji M27

A Japanese variety with large fruit with a smooth red-shaded skin. The creamy white flesh is firm, juicy and sweet with a satisfying crunch when eaten fresh. Stores exceptionally well - for months if refrigerated. Ripe from mid autumn onwards.

Grafted on to M27 rootstock which means that the tree will be very compact and dwarf in habit. It is best to keep the tree staked for support. Can be grown in a container. 'Fuji' produces flowers and fruit on the tips of branches - be mindful of this when pruning.
Suitable for warmer areas including Auckland/Northland


Colour: White / Pink
Habit: Upright
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 1.8m x 1.5m

Apple Fuji M27

Current Stock Height: 110/140 cm  ? 

Container: pb18  ? 

New stock arriving beginning of July, 2020. Pre-order now. Estimated price $39.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.


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