Sorry...this plant is no longer available.

Here are some other Other_Fruit_and_Nuts ...

Asparagus European Male Bundle of 10

Asparagus Pacific Challenger Pkt of 5

Asparagus Pacific Endeavour Pkt of 5

Asparagus Pacific Purple Pkt of 5

Avocado Bacon

Avocado Fuerte

Avocado Hass

Avocado Reed ZU

Casimiroa Luke

Casimiroa Te Puna

Loquat Kaitaia Gold

Loquat Mogi

Passionfruit Black

Passionfruit Panama Gold

Passionfruit Panama Red

Passionfruit T Rex

Persimmon Fuyu

Punica Granatum Wonderful

Quince Pineapple

Quince Smyrna

Quince Van Dieman

Rhubarb Grans Favourite

Rhubarb Victoria

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