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Some comments from our lovely customers
all around New Zealand...

· Beautiful, well grow on plants .
Deirdra, Wellsford 25th Sep, 2023

· Love this Nursery will keep buying!
Liz, Levin 25th Sep, 2023

· Many choices of my favourites fruit trees. Love it
Rhia, Auckland 21st Sep, 2023

· Very useful website for a non-gardener like me!
Nikki, Auckland 19th Sep, 2023

· excelleent service--great range of plants
Roy, Kamo,Whangarei 19th Sep, 2023

· good range, website easy to navigate. all in all a pleasant experience while shopping.
Laurie, Havelock 18th Sep, 2023

· Love visiting your nursery when I am up there
Maureen, Lower Hutt 17th Sep, 2023

· Excellent service, excellent products
Kathy, Pahiatua 17th Sep, 2023

· Organic NZ magazine and then I looked up NZ Orchardists and you had the cheapist Tangshi Cherries!
Marcelle , Waikanae 17th Sep, 2023

· Best selection of crab apples !
Susan, Christchurch 16th Sep, 2023

· Very helpful and got what I wanted
Jill, Auckland 13th Sep, 2023

· Thank you so much for promptly alerting me when the stock became available - much appreciated! It's wonderful that you offer the Dwarf Radicans as it has eluded me for years.
Daisy, Auckland 13th Sep, 2023

· Staff are lovely friendly and very helpful
Nikki, Drury 11th Sep, 2023

· Great to find a Ballarat apple as well as the kind of satsuma we wanted.
Sue, Auckland 9th Sep, 2023

· Great to be able to use gift vouchers online. Always good quick delivery, thanks
Diane, Ngatea 9th Sep, 2023

· I just discovered your website, you an impressive range of varieties for some veggies and herbs!
Heather, Lower Hutt 9th Sep, 2023

· Awesome website and good info on all the plants just love your site
Paula, Waiuku 7th Sep, 2023

· Easy to use Website, thanks!
Sheree, Hamilton 7th Sep, 2023

· I have been very happy with Jane taking the time to answer my questions by email and would definitely deal with your company again, should the opportunity arise.
Brendon, Oamaru 7th Sep, 2023

· Super easy website
Gaynor, Christchurch 6th Sep, 2023

Wendy, Timaru 5th Sep, 2023

· Amazing communication from staff when I had queries. Thanks so much for that.
Janelle, Wellington 3rd Sep, 2023

· Fantastic service and info. A very happy return shopper
Christine , Tasman 3rd Sep, 2023

· Fabulous nursery.
Jenny, Carterton 2nd Sep, 2023

· Great range of hydrangeas
Jocelyn, Invercargill 2nd Sep, 2023

· Very easy website to negotiate for novices like us. Very pleased with speed of delivery of orders and condition of plants
Hayley, Christchurch 2nd Sep, 2023

· I am grateful for your flexibility in my changed order. Thank you very much.
Jacqueline, Matamata 31st Aug, 2023

· Have ordered from you before. Great communication and a good product.
Wendy, Gisborne 29th Aug, 2023

· Whatever we order its always top quality, good size, and so well packed. Thank you.
Joy, Pukekohe 29th Aug, 2023

· wow it was easy as i have looked for this rose after mine died and could not find till now
Robin , Twizel 29th Aug, 2023

· Great selection of Maples , they are our favourite tree.
Dianne , Greymouth 28th Aug, 2023

· Wonderful people...great service and delivery
Sheila Trallea, Whakatane 27th Aug, 2023

· Very informative-thank you!
Leah, Dunedin 26th Aug, 2023

· Easy & straight forward
Jen, Gisborne 25th Aug, 2023

· Your plants are good
Deryck, Omokoroa 24th Aug, 2023

· Good place to shop for the sort of plants I like.
Beverley, Auckland 23rd Aug, 2023

· It’s been very easy and straightforward from start to finish. Thank you
Kaye, Kamo Whangarei 23rd Aug, 2023

· i have bought trees and shrubs from you before as has my daughter in law and not only are they safely delivered but they thrive once planted..thank you
Catherine, New Plymouth 23rd Aug, 2023

· Good web site, excellent info and updates….passionate about your business and customer service
Damian, Whangarei 21st Aug, 2023

· Great website, range and service!! Thank you!!
John, Auckland 21st Aug, 2023

· Great website. Pleased you have a range of fruit trees to pick from.
Shirley-Ann, Omokoroa 20th Aug, 2023

· Most helpful site
Gillian, Lower Hutt 18th Aug, 2023

· Big range of plants !
Mey, Wellington 10th Aug, 2023

· Always excellent service with top plants:)
Alison, Wakefield 9th Aug, 2023

· Great service
Patricia, Christchurch 8th Aug, 2023

· Staff very helpful. Easy to use website.
Chris, Wanaka 8th Aug, 2023

· Always find service excellent especially when distance buying
Claire, PUKEKOHE 7th Aug, 2023

· Last plants were very well packaged thank you
Penny, Northland 6th Aug, 2023

· Good wide range of plants, healthy plants
Jellyn, Hamilton 6th Aug, 2023

· great range and easy to find what I was looking for.
Shirley, Upper Hutt 4th Aug, 2023

· Always happy with the sevice and the plants
Anne, Tairua 4th Aug, 2023

· Previously bought 2 roses for delivery. Very happy with the roses and delivery service. Thank you
Lesely, Auckland 3rd Aug, 2023

· good plants
Lynley, Auckland 2nd Aug, 2023

· Have visited your nursery and was very impressed with range and quality of your plants.
Roger, CORSHAM 1st Aug, 2023

· Always good service, great plants.
Colin, Ramarama 31st Jul, 2023

· great nursery with a very wide range of plants
Debbie, Auckland 31st Jul, 2023

· Have seen your beautiful Freesia Standards in real life they are stunning!! Can’t wait to surround ourselves in your beautiful roses. Very excited to see them all flower 🌹
Andrea, Auckland 28th Jul, 2023

· Great service and great people to deal with
Sue and Michelle, Gisborne 28th Jul, 2023

· Great service. Thank you.
Kirsten, New Plymouth 27th Jul, 2023

· Great to deal with and always the best plants
Glenn, Hamilton 25th Jul, 2023

· Great service
Elizabeth, Hamilton 24th Jul, 2023

· Great service, and thrilled with the quality of previous roses ordered
Ed , Palmerston North 22nd Jul, 2023

· I think Wairere Nursery's range of products is uperb.Communication is prompt and clear. I look forward to the delivery of my latest order.
Karen, Gisborne 21st Jul, 2023

· Very happy to see delivery is an option - thank you!
Dana, Whitianga 19th Jul, 2023

· Wonderful service. Thanks. Peter
Peter , Wellington 17th Jul, 2023

· Buy regularly good quality plants
Tony, Auckland 17th Jul, 2023

· Very happy with all aspects.
Judy, Orewa 15th Jul, 2023

· Great service via email, thanks.
Jenny, Lower Hutt 13th Jul, 2023

· Excellent customer service with quick replies to my questions. Thank you
Wendy, Auckland 13th Jul, 2023

· Excellent range of quality plants with very good customer service.
Jon, Papakura 12th Jul, 2023

· love the range that you have
Geoff, Taupo 11th Jul, 2023

· I keep returning for my plants here as have always been happy with their service, superb quality: handling, packaging, and fast delivery! Thank you.
Christina , Christchurch 11th Jul, 2023

· Very user friendly site - i like it
Richard, Auckland 10th Jul, 2023

· Great company with awesome staff
Darrel, Hamilton 8th Jul, 2023

· Best and healthiest selection of fruit and nut trees
Ginny , Te Aroha 8th Jul, 2023

· Such a great website. Plants are always great.
Lois, Thames 8th Jul, 2023

· Love the waitlist function!!!
Dianna, Bombay 7th Jul, 2023

· Thankyou for offering this wonderful service.
Dawn, Timaru 7th Jul, 2023

· Clear. Gave a variety of kumquats. Also suggested excellent care products for the garden. And you deliver down to Wellington - wonderful!
Jennifer, Wellington 6th Jul, 2023

· Amazing customer service. Fast and prompt communication
Rima, Ranui 6th Jul, 2023

· Best selection of plants I have ever seen. The previous ones we bought from you are thriving.
Cynthia, Whitianga 5th Jul, 2023

· Excellent range
Alison , Waiheke Island 5th Jul, 2023

· Your pollination charts for the fruit trees were incredibly helpful when choosing varieties. Thank you
Katrina, Rotorua 4th Jul, 2023

· Easy to navigate your site thankyou
Bev, Timaru 4th Jul, 2023

· thank you you're amazing as usual
Jen, Wellington 4th Jul, 2023

· Great products of high quality.
Richard, Taupiri 3rd Jul, 2023

· Nice product range.
Shane , Hamilton 3rd Jul, 2023

· I absolutely love your nursery
Robin, Waiuku 1st Jul, 2023

· Great range and quality
Brendon, New Plymouth 29th Jun, 2023

· Great Service guys, as always!!!
Steve, Kaiwaka 28th Jun, 2023

· Wonderful nursery - just wish we didn't live so far away, but the delivery service is fabulous.
Kathleen, Waiheke Island 27th Jun, 2023

· Great service, awesome healthy plants, always delivered well protected Best nursery I have found online
Delisa, Rahotu, Hawera 23rd Jun, 2023

· I am so delighted you have Papa Meilland and these other favourites in stock. I read ‘For love of a Rose’ and loved this story.
Jennifer, Havelock North 21st Jun, 2023

· Very satisfied up to date
Malcolm, Manukau 20th Jun, 2023

· Love your nursery.
Sandie, Hamilton 18th Jun, 2023

· Love the website, love scrolling through all the plants.
Janet, Matamata 16th Jun, 2023

· Great website,easy to browse and with excellent information.
Terrie, Auckland 15th Jun, 2023

· Very good range Hard to search for dwarf camellias
Matt, Auckland 13th Jun, 2023

· I'm excited to recieve my first rose purchase from Wairere. I love your extensive range and historical descriptions
Anna, Kaitaia 11th Jun, 2023

· Only Garden Centre to have what I needed!
Rosemary , Orewa 10th Jun, 2023

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