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Some comments from our lovely customers
all around New Zealand...

· I am impressed with your wide range!
Barbara, Blenheim 7th Nov, 2021

· As always your centre was looking stunning when I was there today!
John, Hamilton 6th Nov, 2021

· Range is brilliant and great prices.
Heather, Auckland 5th Nov, 2021

· Always pleased with quality of plants and service from Wairere nursery’s
Valerie, Tauranga District 4th Nov, 2021

· You have an excellent website! By far the easiest to navigate and easy to find the things I am after.
Michelle, Christchurch 2nd Nov, 2021

· I like the presentation of your website. It’s concise, informative and there’s a great variety of plant species. I also found the prices to be reasonable. It was an enjoyable online shopping experience.
Lesley , Tairua 2nd Nov, 2021

· Easy friendly website; and friendly conversation when I rang to check on quality of your stock eg. Camellia plants.
Marion, Hamilton 1st Nov, 2021

· We were thrilled with our avocado plants we received last week. Thank you.
Jacqueline, Waverley 1st Nov, 2021

· Good quality stock - high survival rate.
Rob, Nelson 1st Nov, 2021

· I have purchsed from Wairere Nursry in the past and found the experience to be enjoyable, relaxing and the variety and quality of the plants to be excellent.
Mere, Hamilton 31st Oct, 2021

· Really like the detail given for each plant
Sue, Taupo 31st Oct, 2021

· Lovely place such a lovely lady I spoke to today thank you. Please leave the tree inside the gate by the letter box or just down the drive.
Yvonne, Auckland 31st Oct, 2021

· Found by looking for a specific variety. No one else had it available.
Robert , Havelock North 31st Oct, 2021

· Great website and thank you so much to Simone who was extremely kind and helpful via email.
Jane, Auckland 31st Oct, 2021

· Good website, thanks for the regular updates! Happy with previous purchases.
Snejina, Pukekohe 31st Oct, 2021

· Great easy to use website. And great range of products!
Vicky , Feilding 30th Oct, 2021

· You do a good job, Thanks
Ken, Auckland 30th Oct, 2021

· We love your reliable products
Paul, Cambridge 30th Oct, 2021

· Thanks for the delivery to Auckland! We have many plants from you that are growing great!
Brad, Auckland 30th Oct, 2021

· Lovely plants in great condition. Always a real success.
Sandy, Christchurch 30th Oct, 2021

· Variety is what I love about your website.
Ann, Kerikeri 30th Oct, 2021

· Beautiful stunning place. Looking forward to being able to visit and shop directly
Isabel, Hamilton 30th Oct, 2021

· great website, so pleased you can deliver to Auckland during lock-down, thanks, Carolyn
Carolyn, Auckland 30th Oct, 2021

· Have bought fruit trees from Wairere before all doing well!
Peter, Whitianga 30th Oct, 2021

· Excellent range of plant selection. Easy to follow.
Trina, Mapua 29th Oct, 2021

· Am amazing range of plants which can not be sourced at the larger Auckland Nurseries.
Karen, Auckland 29th Oct, 2021

· Excited to find the pear tree I wanted
Justine , Auckland 28th Oct, 2021

· Great service and a wonderful selection of trees.
Jana, Motueka 28th Oct, 2021

· Was very impressed with last purchase delivery of Mixed up Miss--so well packaged
Anne , Whangarei 28th Oct, 2021

· Great service and quick response on queries
Margaret, Cambridge 28th Oct, 2021

· Great range and easy to use website.
Sandie, Hamilton 27th Oct, 2021

· Great Range
Glen, Gisborne 27th Oct, 2021

· Fast delivery and easy to chat to when finding out what I need
Megan, Kaiwaka 27th Oct, 2021

· Great service by phone when I rang to clarify some things including my previous orders.
Donna, Ngaruawahia 26th Oct, 2021

· Good web site easy to use
Mark, Auckland 25th Oct, 2021

· great website. and very friendly and helpful staff on the phone. very knowledgable
Kaajal, Stonefields 25th Oct, 2021

· Always excellent
David, Hamilton 25th Oct, 2021

· I just want to thank you for the fabulous quality of plants/trees that I have received over the last couple of years.
Michele, Blenheim 24th Oct, 2021

· Wonderful selection and website
Joy, Whangaparoa 24th Oct, 2021

· Huge range of hydrangeas that I did not know existed!
Catherine, Christchurch 24th Oct, 2021

· My go to place for good quality plants. Thanks!
Judith, Auckland 24th Oct, 2021

· Fabulous selection
Mara, Auckland 23rd Oct, 2021

· Great help on the phone, will pick up at 4pm
Jared, Huntly 23rd Oct, 2021

· awesome service
judy, Tauhei 23rd Oct, 2021

· Absolutely love your website and visiting in person.
Nikita, Te Kauwhata 22nd Oct, 2021

· Was extremely happy with my previous order. Great plants in very healthy condition, super quick delivery.
Kristina, Auckland 22nd Oct, 2021

· Good easy site to use
Hilary, Auckland 21st Oct, 2021

· Always love the quality of your plants. All the roses I bought lst year are looking stunning......the first bud is about to open. Yay
Catherine, RD1 Papakura 21st Oct, 2021

· Great website, lots to choose from and great helpful information on products for people that are not sure.
Natalie, Whangarei 21st Oct, 2021

· Thank you easy process
Diane, Palmerston North 20th Oct, 2021

· I Love the quality of your plants!
Julia, Wellington 20th Oct, 2021

· Great service on our Daphne order, thank you! Can't wait for these ones.
Ben, Auckland 19th Oct, 2021

· Many thanks for excellent service and great newsletters.
Paula, Hamilton 19th Oct, 2021

· Very pleased with my previous order. Nice doing business with you.
Peter, RD 5 Wellsford 18th Oct, 2021

· Outstanding range of roses, totally appreciate door to door in these uncertain times. Many thanks.
Maree, Papamoa Beach 18th Oct, 2021

· Wonderful range of the most beautiful plants
Fiona, Gisborne 17th Oct, 2021

· Visited nursery years ago and most impressed with it.
Margaret, Tauranga 17th Oct, 2021

· Thank you for such a clear website re info and photos.
Sandra, Lower Hutt 17th Oct, 2021

· Awesome website
Sudesh, Wellington 17th Oct, 2021

· Great range and even better that you deliver
Vanessa, Otapaurau 16th Oct, 2021

· Website very easy to use and very good cultivation notes
Elizabeth, Auckland 16th Oct, 2021

· Excellent
Tessa, Hamilton 16th Oct, 2021

· Thank you so much. All the trees and plants are so happy here with us.
Nee, Whangaparaoa 16th Oct, 2021

· Good service easy to follow.
Graeme , Hamilton 15th Oct, 2021

· Your website is great and when I rang for advice nothing was a problem Great service and I will be purchasing more roses next season.
Josie, Napier 15th Oct, 2021

· Love your website and enjoy being able to shop online. Also enjoy your regular newsletters!
Debbie, Waihi Beach 14th Oct, 2021

· I received my fruit trees this week and I am absolutely stoked with the size and quality of product. The packaging for courier was excellent! Thank you so much
Misty , Hastings 14th Oct, 2021

· Great selection and staff very helpful
Joanne, Matamata 14th Oct, 2021

· Thankyou for the lovely phone manner and your service
Linnie, Te Awamutu 14th Oct, 2021

· great website and range of product
Julia, Auckland 13th Oct, 2021

· Great that you show what you have n what is coming
Jason, Whangarei 13th Oct, 2021

· When we lived in Hamilton we always shopped here, had the best service and great quality plants.
Kirsty, Tauranga 12th Oct, 2021

· Love your website!! So easy to browse through.
Marcelle, Whangarei 11th Oct, 2021

· Website very easy to order
Noeline, Canterbury 11th Oct, 2021

· Many collection of plants. I love it!
Angela, Melville, Hamilton 11th Oct, 2021

· Great selection of roses and I was delighted to find exactly what I was looking for.
Marian, Dublin 15 11th Oct, 2021

· Easy to navigate website
Mary-Anne, Hamilton 10th Oct, 2021

Robin , Marton 10th Oct, 2021

· Best range.high success
Sharon , Hamilton 10th Oct, 2021

· I know you nursery well and have always had great service. Thank you. Have never done a mail order before
Carol, Te Kuiti 9th Oct, 2021

· Amazing range and excellent commentary on each plant! Congratulations!
Rita, Whanganui 9th Oct, 2021

· Excellent range of roses
John, Hamilton 9th Oct, 2021

· I made an order from you last week just for one plant and was really happy with your price and quality. Have come back to buy the rest of the things I need - you have a great range and awesome prices!
Victoria, Devonport, AUCKLAND 9th Oct, 2021

· Lovely helpful people
Stacey, Auckland 8th Oct, 2021

· Great website, thanks.
Denise, Tauranga 8th Oct, 2021

· Thanks for your wonderful service. We just love your nursery, range and service.
Kevin, Taupo 7th Oct, 2021

· Awesome Place, keep up the good work.
Brian, Tuakau 7th Oct, 2021

· Best range of suitable bushes on the internet. Many thanks for such an easy website.
Margaret, Auckland 6th Oct, 2021

· great range cant wait to order more :)
Christine, Mangawhai 6th Oct, 2021

· Best online site. For ease of selection and purchase
Phillip, Wellington 6th Oct, 2021

· Have been very happy with previous purchases
Teresa, Auckland 5th Oct, 2021

· Great to deal with
Louise, Hamilton 5th Oct, 2021

· Love the range! Couldn't decide! needs bigger property to plant more roses!
Lynette Anne, Pukekohe 4th Oct, 2021

· Great service!!
Susan, Palmerston North 4th Oct, 2021

· Love that you have such a wide range of trees especially maples. I'm excited to receive my order. Take care :)
Eshley, Manukau 2nd Oct, 2021

· I appreciate the way the plants I have purchased previously have been so well packed and healthy on arrival.
Jacinta, Manaia 2nd Oct, 2021

· I like your prices so I always choose you to order from.
Julia, Auckland 2nd Oct, 2021

· I am impressed with the range of the plants
Deborah, Auckland 2nd Oct, 2021

· A very easy website to navigate around.Awesome helpful service.Thank you.
Ann, Waihi 1st Oct, 2021

· Your website is so easy to use- congratulations! It's a life-saver for poor Aucklanders stuck in lockdown bars!
Maxine, Auckland 30th Sep, 2021

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