If you are a Bacon and egg pie lover then you just have to try Harrys version. Its like a meal in a pie. As with all of Harry's recipes you will estimate quantities to suit your needs.

Flaky pastry

12 Eggs beaten and mixed with milk and seasoned salt and pepper


Potato peeled and sliced thinly

Kumara peeled and sliced thinly

Onions diced finely so that they fall in between potatoes and kumara

Mixed veges approx a cup

Fresh herbs oregano, pizza Thyme rosemary

Cheese, grated
Flour your bench or board and roll out the flaky pastry and line a deep pie dish.

Then layer kumara, onion, potato and more onion.

Sprinkle some mixed veges and herbs

Add the beaten eggs,

Layer the bacon

Add a final layer of thinly slice potatoes and finish pouring the beaten eggs ensuring that its full

The overhang pastry, push to the middle of the pie and finish the top with grated cheese

Will take approx an hour to hour and a half to cook at 175 degrees

Bake empty egg shells hard and crumble to return grit to chooks


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