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Bearded Irises are the sun lovers of the Iris family and are so called because of the "fuzzy" little growth that appears just at the top of the falls. The falls are the 3 bottom petals of the flower; the 3 top ones are called standards. All Bearded Iris flowers are made up of these 6 petals. If the flowers are a single colour this is often described as a "Self". Multi-coloured or bi-toned flowers have all sorts of fancy names such as "Amoena" which means white standards and coloured falls or "Plicata" which means that the flowers have dots or lines on the petal edges. Bearded Irises come in all sizes from the very small - Miniature Dwarf Bearded - to the very tall - Tall Bearded - with an in-between group known as Intermediate and Border Bearded. Bearded Irises grow from a rhizome which is actually a swollen stem and this is why they are known botanically as rhizomatous. Irises are named after the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow and with their attractive grey foliage and stunning flowers they are one of the easiest and most rewarding of perennials to grow. Check out our How To tab for growing tips and cultural information.



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