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Clematis - pronounced "klem-a-tis" - from Klema, the Greek word for vine - are prestigious members of the Buttercup family. This family is botanically known as Rununculaceae. Don't try and say that with your mouth full! These exquisite climbers, which can be deciduous or evergreen, are so rewarding to grow and will delight with their beautiful buds, stunning blooms and fabulous fluffy seed heads.

There are over 250 species in the Clematis family made up of scramblers, ramblers, climbers and perennials ensuring there is a Clematis to suit every garden temperament.

Clematis prefer their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade i.e. they need a cool root run with the ability to climb up towards the sun. Plant deeply in soil that is humus rich and that does not completely dry out in summer. You may need to add a layer of mulch in summer to ensure the soil and root area stay cool. During the growing season and during summer water deeply (at least once a week) if there is no or little rainfall.

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