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The true Geranium is just that i.e. its genus is botanically, correctly called Geranium. It's rather more flamboyant Pelargonium cousin often masquerades as a Geranium whereas it is botanically, correctly called Pelargonium. All a bit confusing even to those who study these things.

The true Geranium is quite a hardy perennial that fits well in the perennial border or wild flower gardens. The lobed leaves can be evergreen or perennial and are held on fine stalks. Often the foliage is highly aromatic. The sweet and simple flowers have 5 petals and come in tones of white, pink, purple or blue. Easy to grow in sun or light shade they are ideal for mass planting or for use as a pretty ground-cover. The common name 'Cranesbill' comes about from the shape of the seed head. It is also the interpretation of the botanical name; Gerano being the Greek for Crane.


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