Lily - Just Arrived

This is a group of bulbous or tuberous plants of many species. The gorgeous Calla Lily has been hybridised to create a fabulous array of brightly coloured inflorescences and are really worth finding a spot for. They are perennials that go underground for the winter and reapear in the spring, sending forth their large speckled leaves prior to flowering. 

The Lily hybrids known as Asiatic Lilies are also available in a mind boggling array of colours. The bulbs propagate themselves and after a couple of years you will find that the single bulb you once planted has multiplied and you now have a veritable clump of gorgeous blooms that reapear each year.  

Be sure to mark the spot where they reside before they disapear underground each year so that you don’t go and run your spade through them in your desire to ‘fill the gap’ in the winter months.

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