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A Standard is defined as: a tree or shrub that is trained to have one central leader or stem and a rounded head of branches. Standards are trained as young plants; the central stem is braced against a stake, forcing it to grow straight and tall. Lower branches and shoots are removed and the remaining upper branches are sheared frequently, to shape and to encourage fullness.

There are many plants that lend themselves to being Topiary specimens. Essentially, it is more desirable that the plant is evergreen, that the leaves are fairly small and interesting, that it produces a seasonal flower and, most important, that it responds well to constant pruning.


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Picture of Gardenia Florida Std

Standard. Add some romance to your garden with this beautiful Gardenia standard that has very fragrant double, waxy white blooms from autumn through to summer. Glossy green foliage and an upright habit. Plant in semi-shade in nice rich acid soil with protection from frost. Great container plant. Evergreen.

Gardenias are gross feeders - meaning that like me they like lots of tucker. Regular liquid feeding will keep them healthy and happy or side dress with slow release fertilizer.


Colour: White
Habit: Upright
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: STDcm x cm

Gardenia Florida Std

Current Stock Height: STD-90/130 cm  ? 

Container: 8l  ? 


Stock of this item is very low.


Gardenia Florida Std

Current Stock Height: STD-80/HGT-110 cm  ? 

Container: 6l  ? 



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