Damn easy to make. Just as easy to drink and perfect to whip out for an impromptu session in the sun with friends. Just don't have too many LOL We found this recipe in a River Caf� Cook book by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. We doubled the recipe so that it used the entire bottle of vodka and made many batches a few summers back. It looks really cool served in marguerite glasses. We found that granita made from a true lemon like Yen Ben or similar had the bestest flavour but there was no problem downing them made from the good ole Meyer.

8 Lemons
8 Ice cubes
400 ml Vodka

Sugar Syrup
140g Caster sugar
100 ml water
To make, dissolve the sugar in the water and boil briefly until you have a light syrup and then cool

Wash the lemons and grate the zest of 6 of them and juice all 8. Mix the zest and juice together and you should end up with approx. 500ml

Smash the ice and mix in with the syrup, vodka and lemon zest mix. Freeze. youll find that it wont freeze properly due to the vodka so kinda smash or mix and serve and drink immediately !!!!


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