Oh My Goodness.  Harry's love is growing zucchini, courgettes and Scallopini, (call them what you will) and I often joke that we live on them for at least 6 month so one learns to do many things with them and my latest trick is to combine them into a bean salad as we often have a lot of these at once as well.  

The other day our good friends gave us a huge bag of delicious beans so hence this salad.

Top and tail your beans and slice them up into approx 3 cm pieces and blanche them in boiling water. I bring them to the boil and cook ever so slightly but they still need to be crunchy. Throw  in slivered zucchini (I used the yellow ones for colour) at the last minute for a few seconds and then plunge the lot into cold water, drain well and pat dry.

Add finely diced onion, chopped tomatoes, toasted sesame or sunflower seeds ( last nights had chopped Cashews as that was all that was in the cupboard) salt and pepper, finally add finely chopped fresh herbs like parsley, basil or whatever there is. 

Make a simple dressing of lemon juice, Harrys Tarrgon flavourful olive oil and honey or golden syrup to sweeten. Toss all together and serve.  This bean salad is beautiful with fresh pan fried fish.

We shared this salad with the neighbours last night and apparently the husband is now a salad convert, well  maybe to my bean salad, but hey that's a start.


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