With new season trees that are freshly potted, be aware that most of the potting mix may fall away from the roots.  It is important, therefore, that you plant the tree immediately as having the roots exposed can damage the plant.  

DO NOT pick your tree up by the trunk at this stage of rooting as you can break the fine feeder roots developing.

Plant into good top soil, digging a hole larger than the bag that the tree came in and mix the soil at the bottom of the hold to a nice crumbly consistency. Don't use compost or green organic matter in the hole as compost tends to absorb excessive moisture and new roots can down and rot.   If your tree needs staking, place the stakes in the ground firmly. before the plant.  Remove labels, as these can damage the branches they are on, as the tree grows. 

Plant no deeper than soil line when it was in the bag.  A planted tree should look like this diagram. This diagram shows a balled tree but treat a bagged tree the same way except you would remove the bag carefully by cutting the bottom of the bag off and sliding it up the tree once tree has been placed in the hole. Then cut the bag away without disturbing the new feeder roots.

Add good compost on the soil surface, keep the compost about 100 cm away from the trunk, as it can damage the trunk  if touching.  You can add a controlled or slow release fertiliser to the soil surface around the newly planted tree, and let natural rain, watering and organisms distribute the food.


On going care should comprise of spraying with Copper Oxychloride, Conqueror oil and Lime Sulphur.  Spray the last two a fortnight apart as Lime Sulphur is incompatible with Copper.

If you require other seasonal information on trees then please check out our web site for information on how to grow and care for your trees.


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