Our friend Jeannie had planned to cook this for dinner that she found in one of the Dish Mag. She had all the ingredients there prepared and waiting and so all I had to do was toss it all togather. I think the key is to have all the ingredients ready which makes it so easy and it was just delicious.

Prawns..300g bag frozen
Scallops 500g bag frozen
Crab meat 300g

Bacon 4 to 5 slices very finely chopped
1 onion or several shallots, finely chopped
6/9 cloves garlic finely chopped

juice and zest of two lemons
Olive oil approx 4 tablespoons
Pasta, 500g Bowtie shapes

parsley chopped
spring onion chopped

Parmesan cheese 1 cup or to taste

Sat and pepper
Cook your pasta until al dente in boiling water with a teaspoon salt and a dash of olive oil so thats its ready to combine

Into a large pan and using an extra dash of olive oil saute the finely chopped onions, bacon and garlic until well cooked and the onion is clear

Add the lemon juice and zest mix and bring just to the simmer
Add the defrosted prawns scallops and crab meat and cooked for two minutes.... no longer

Into the same dish add your drained pasta and stirr all togather

Stir in the parmesan cheese chopped parsley and spring onions and serve immediately.


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