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Picture of Pear Dble Conference/Doyenne du Comice

aka Pear Double Graft

Double Graft Pear. Doyenne du Comice, the classic gourmet pear and still regarded as the best. Fine smooth flesh that is sweet and juicy. Conference is a medium to large pear, with green,russeted, fairly smooth skin. The sweet, juicy, melting flesh is rich and aromatic. Deciduous.

Pear and Nashi Information Page Double grafted to allow pollination within the same tree.


Flower Colour: White
Habit: Upright
Mature Size 7-10 yrs (HxW): 5m x 3m

Pear Dble Conference/Doyenne du Comice QN

Current Stock Height: 100/120 cm  ? 

Container: 8l  ? 



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