Plants for Shaded Areas

Shaded areas don't have to be gloomy and have the potential to be restful spots to gravitate to on those summer days. Shady gardens are generally less colourful, choosing plants with diverse foliage and form adds interest and brings these gardens alive. Shady gardens have very different maintenance needs to sunny spaces and need careful planning - most plants grow more slowly in the shade, making maintenance, pruning and weeding a little easier. 
Remember that the depth of shade will change with the seasons and as the garden matures. Soil moisture and the temperature is usually cooler in a shady situation.

In full shade, for example under large tree, a pergola or a balcony, the challenge is to ensure plants receive enough nutrients and water – mulching is essential and young and emerging plants require protection from slugs and snails. 

Dappled light is where the plants don’t receive any direct sunlight, but rather light that filters through large shade trees or other plants.  

In semi shade, it is important to distinguish which plants like morning or afternoon sun.The sun is hotter in the afternoon and while it will suit most perennials it is too intense for other plants. The sun is softer in the morning, ideal for more green plants, so add colour with flowering Hellebores or Convallaria, or garden features - urns or statues.   

Some ideas for you...

Low growing
Helleborus orientalis Helleborus, Winter Rose, Lenton Rose
Hosta Plantain lilies, Giboshi
Convallaria Majalis Lily of the Valley, May Bells 
Primulaceae Primula
Ligularia Leopard Plant 
Ophiopogon Turf Lily, Mondo Grass 
Agapanthus Lily of the Nile

Choisya Mexican Orange Blossom

Acer Japanese Maple

Cordyline Cabbage Tree 
Phormium Flax
Arnthropodium Renga Renga Lily


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