We were given a whole heap of these deliciously fragrant, voluptuous, lemon yellow fruits. Online we went to Mrs Google to find a recipe for Quince paste and this is the one that we made.

1kg of ripe Quince, remove fuzz from skin and seeds from centre chop unpeeled.
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup lemon juice
Put all of the above in a pan and cook for approx 1/2 an hour or until tender.

Push through a coarse sieve or squish in hand dicarding the hard cores.

Puree using a kitchen whizz or one of those kitchen blenders

Cup pulp for cup sugar
Measure the volume of puree and put in pot with an equal amount of sugar.
Cook on a moderate heat stirring regularly until the mixture starts to darken in colour. Should take about half an hour. Drop from the wooden spoon onto a sauce that has been in the freezer to determine amount of setness ie Jam to paste.

we poured into a dish with baking paper underneath but choose what look you are after ie greased ramekins. We then cut our slab of Quince paste into smaller rectangles to give away.

Last night we made this paste recipe again with some more quinces that we had left but didn't cook as long so that we ended up with a quince jam.


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