Spraying Fruit Trees

If you are going to use toxic chemicals to annihilate all the bugs and fungi in your garden, please do it properly! Remember that you are dealing with substances that can cause quite severe reactions in other forms of life, including yourself, so follow the instructions on the container and in the info below.

It is important to use a separate tank for spraying fungicide and pesticide so that this does not become contaminated with any weed sprays. It is best to have two separate tanks, but if you don’t, then ensure that the tank is washed out with Handy Andy (or similar) and rinsed thoroughly before use. 

To control pests on your fruit trees, spray dormant oil in late winter or early spring. 

Copper Oxychloride is a good organic spray to treat fungal and bacterial infections. 

      Spray at autumn leaf drop, then in winter and again in spring. 

Partly fill the tank with water and mix the chemical with water in a jar or jug before adding it to the water in the tank. If you need to make a paste or slurry, first mix it and then dilute it with water and then add to the water in the tank.

If you are intending to use more than one spray, ensure that you can safely mix those sprays together by checking the instructions on the sprays concerned - NEVER mix Copper spray with any others. If it is safe to do so, then still mix them separately in the manner described above and add them in diluted form to the tank one at a time.

Wear protective clothing such as overalls and gloves and do your spraying in the early morning before the sun is up, or on a dry mild day. Morning is preferred because at this time of the day there is no wind current caused by the movement of heat from the sun, there is therefore no spray drift and thus it is the optimum and safest time to spray. 

Do have a cold shower when you have finished the job! Yes, I did mean cold!


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