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Liquidamber, also called Sweet Gum, Star-leaved Gum, Alligator-wood tree among others, is a fabulous eye-catching tree that is at its most impressive in autumn when the foliage is a dazzling array of colour.

The leaf of the Liquidamber is similar in shape to a maple leaf, in summer they are fresh and green, turning in the autumn to shades of yellow, orange, pink and reds. The bark is pale and corky (hence alligator-wood); left to its own devices this tree can grow tall, but it responds well to pruning making it an ideal specimen to plant where colour is needed to brighten up your garden in autumn. For best results, plant in the sun, in deep fertile soil that does not completely dry out during summer.

Did you know that the resin, storax, extracted from the trunk of the Liquidamber is used in incense and perfume?


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