100g butter

3 Onions diced

Curry powder 1 tspn

1 tbspn green curry paste

3 Kumaras diced

6 Potatoes diced

3 large handfuls of watercress washed and chopped

Salt and pepper to taste
Saute the Onions in butter, add the curry paste and curry powder, Once the onion has become translucent add the diced potatoe and kumara and continue to sauté in the butter for approx half an hour or until partially cooked

Add water to just more than cover and con tinue to cook until the potatoes and kumara are cooked through. You may need to add water to make a soup consistency. Add the handfuls of cress and continue to cook for a further half an hour.

Once cooked then process the soup until pureed.

Serve hot


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