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Thursday 18th April, 2019

Happy Easter to you Happy Easter to you!



OMG It's been a brief week and very quick week and so its a brief newsletter this week as we are closed tomorrow but we will be open for the rest of the long Easter weekend (but not in our briefs! its getting too cool for that carry on) and normal hours of 8.30 am to 5 pm. 
Just while on about brief weeks, next week is going to be even briefer, what with Easter Monday and then Anzac day all in the same week. Yes we are open both those days too, Monday 8.30 to 5pm and Thursday from 1pm until 5pm.

I know of many that have taken a ten day break by just adding a couple of annual leave days in the mix with the stats and weekend and voila ended up with a whole glorious ten days ... wahoo aren't they the lucky ones but it's not me. LOL I'll be here to serve you all weekend. (except Friday of course).

Even some of our suppliers did a work place go slow or whatever you want to call it as they practically couldn't get stock out and into garden centers in such a disjointed week... we are not sending mail order out next week for the same reasons and so if you have ordered online then we will dispatch those in the following full working week.

Have you cut your  Winter Roses / Hellebores back? 

Simone and Alex did ours the other day and I did get that slight hint that we had enough planted around in the gardens but who can resist these stunning cousins of the buttercup family.  I certainly can't and they do look so good mass planted. I'm already planning a mass planting of some of the newer varieties in an area that we have made ready for planting. The foliage on these winter flowering perennials contrasts well with other type of leaves like the strappy leaves of Liriopes or the frond like leaves of the hen and chicken fern.

Why cut them back? Well they seem to grow a set of leaves that last for a year and like all things they get tired and tatty and so it makes sense to remove the leaves.  I got the guys to give them a boost with some general garden fert and sheep pellets but you could equally use rooster booster or bio boost... LOL and I'm still waiting for that rain (Easter Monday apparently).

The winter roses will flower their hearts out without being lost among last years leaves and as the flowers start to go off then a new years set of leaves will appear and usually fresh and clean... and last until the next season.

So if you have the time this Easter break remove last years leaves from your Hellibores but if you are in the market for some newbies well they seem to be in early this year and Ang grabbed a big stack of them that we put away yesterday. It's really only the beginning of the season and I'm sure that there will be many more to follow.


The flowering period for Helleborus Angel Glow is early winter. When they open, the flowers are light pink but they later turn a deep pink. Angel Glow also features very attractive glossy leaves beneath the flowers projecting above them. Angel Glow can tolerate both frosty temperatures and sun.

New Release.  This hellebore is just stunning, with masses of deep burgundy red flowers on red stems from winter through to mid spring. This is the first red hellebore with dark green marbled leaves.  Forms a compact clump. Plant in full to part shade. Prefers well drained soil. PVR

New Release. Cinderella is an outstanding new variety with exceptional novelty. An abundance of multi-petaled flowers of white with speckled pink features are a highlight throughout the winter months when colour in the garden can be hard to find. A superb performer in containers, garden beds or planted on mass. A wise and rewarding choice for those shady areas.

A very welcome addition to the winter garden providing a floral display when most of your other plants will be having a winter rest. Dark green foliage off set beautifully with pure white single flowers. Happiest in semi-shade and well drained humus rich soil. Hardy. Perennial. 


A very welcome addition to the winter garden providing a floral display when most of your other plants will be having a winter rest. Dark green foliage off set beautifully with pure white flowers. Happiest in semi-shade and well drained humus rich soil. 

Penny's Pink produces masses of beautiful bright pink cup shaped flowers with yellow stamens from winter and into early spring. The foliage is dark green and marbled and the plant forms a tidy clump.Plant in full to part shade. Prefers well drained soil. Evergreen. Perennial. PVR.

New Release. This wonderful winter-flowering, evergreen plant has stunning marbled foliage and deep burgundy flowers. Simply lovely upright blooms are of the most divine deep plum colour and are beautifully highlighted by prominent yellow stamens. Something special to show off in the winter garden.  Plant in semi-shade in nice humus rich soil that is well drained.

These are mixed doubles and so won't know what the actual flower will look like until it's actually in flower so unless you are here in the nursery and see it then it will just be a lucky surprise.  You'll be doubly delighted with the delicious blooms of what has to be one of the best winter flowering perennials. Grown from selected seed the colour range includes crisp white and deep burgundy and everything in-between. Happiest in semi-shade in nice humus rich soil. Evergreen.

You're going to want to add this gorgeous Hellebore to your collection. Fabulous dark rose pink, speckled blooms, that resemble little ballerina skirts, on upright stems. The center of the flowers is bejeweled with yellow stamens. Handsome dark green foliage. Plant in semi-shade in humus rich, well drained soil. PVR.

Elegant semi-double white blooms with delicate ruffled centers. Thrives in shady nooks. The perfect solution for a dramatic and graceful face lift - bring style and panache to your garden. Unique semi-double, white, speckled pink flowers are borne high above lush green foliage.  Plant in semi-shade in humus rich, well drained soil. PVR.

New and different and not so new
Leptospermum Pink Cascade. Not so new but as a standard is certainly a bit cool. This cascading form of tea tree has been trained up as a standard and trimmed to have a round head which as it grows will arch out and cascade... These fresh in this week standards are full of flowers and looking quite awesome.

Pittosporum Little Kiwi is another one of those dwarf and compact pittos... a bit like Golfball and those others but when I spied these at the growers the other day they seemed to be much superior in form and leaf and the plants looked great ... just had to have some.... they do look so good in a landscape situation where they are clipped lightly into balls and contrasted with other plants.

Serissa not so new as these have been around as long as I have been in garden centers, which is a while now, but maybe not so widely know a small shrub that is quite tough and hardy... will clip well and technically is for those sunny spots in the garden... Small leaves and small flowers.
Snowflake has quite the variegated leaf with white flowers not surprisingly
Pink Mystique has not such a variegated leaf but faintly pinkish flowers.

Don't forget that the nursery is brim full of new seasons Camellias, Azaleas, Rhodos and Pieris so if it does rain check these out online or of course come on out. If you are like myself I do like to look and check things out.

If roses are your thing then get looking online and see what additions you could add to the garden, now is the time to get those orders in. I know that Jan from the office is planning to confirm our back orders prior to the stock arriving over the next week or so. We still have plenty of Peonies in the shop and there is more garlic arriving.

Take time out over the weekend, enjoy this beautiful weather and time with friends and family. If i recollect it's one of the last long weekends before the winter with the next one to look forward to being Queens birthday.
If you are one of those lucky ones with ten whole days off... well what can I say but have an amazing week. 

Have a fabulous weekend 


Lloyd, Harry and the Wairere Team

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