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Friday 14th June, 2019

Winter Roses, True Roses, it's all blooming good!


Wairere has been specialising in roses for some 30 plus years and wow have there ever been some changes in that time!  I started my career working for Ian and Helen who owned Heritage Horticulture and this unique nursery specialised in producing pip and stone fruit, shelter trees and old roses. In the very early years, at Wairere, we specialised in stocking old or heirloom (for the want of a better word) roses like the Bourbons, Gallicas, Hybrid Musks, Moss, Teas, Noisettes and so on. As the nursery developed it became our philosophy to have the best range of roses in NZ. In those days we had what we though was a fancy catalogue, LOL with colour pictures even,  although not of all the roses had pictures. 
Then we moved from the catalogue to an online profile with all the roses having pictures.  It was the best way to showcase the 600 odd range that we currently have and of course that online presence has gone from strength to strength as we continue managing our lives out of that device that lives in all of our pockets ... or maybe the humble computer at home.
Climbing                                                        Shrub
We have seen the fashion of roses go from the old varieties to the more modern floribunda and hybrid teas of which we have an amazing range. We have been through phases where roses have been less than popular.
Then we all fell in love with the English series of shrub roses commonly called the Austins and so another cycle began.. and now moderns are back with a vengeance or is it all roses and we all have a preferred style?

...but at the end of the day who can resist? I would go as far to say that no shrub or plant flowers and contributes as much as our glorious roses.
It's hard to say what the future of our roses is going to be as many of our suppliers start to reach retirement age....  It would seem that the production of roses has mostly been by couples who have a passion for roses, a strenuous occupation that, unfortunately, it would seem their children are not interested in taking up the practice or we have businesses available that don't interest others to take on board.
As we have mentioned before Doug and Sue from D and S nurseries have hung up their budding knives and tie tape and are moving onto other things and this is our last year with the most amazing range of bushes and standards that we have ever had.
I personally want to thank this couple for their contribution to our industry and the production of so many beautiful roses over the past 20 odd years that we have done business together and wish them well for the future.

Hybrid Teas 
Blackberry Nip    Diamond Design   Golden Gift         Love Heart           Sunline 

On that note we are so lucky to have on our doorstep Rob Somerfield another passionate rosarian who is smitten by his love of roses and the overwhelming desire to breed, not only the perfect bloom, but the healthiest bush... with today's philosophy of reduced or no spraying this is a huge concept that benefits us all...
Next week some more on Rob Somerfield but in the meantime enjoy the selection of his roses in this weeks pictures. Don't forget if you want to order them you can just click the names that are bold to be linked to our website.

Winter Rose, Helleborus, Lenten Rose, a rose by any other name.
There are some really lovely new winter roses coming in from the growers. A lovely selection arrived this week and one variety, Madame Lemonnier, is already in flower. Winter colour is something to appreciate in the garden especially on those grey days when looking outside is the closest you really want to get to it. Helleborus will hold their flowers for the whole of winter but the flowers will age to a different colour. Many of the new varieties have a more upright and outward facing flowers but even those that droop have plenty of colour and appeal. Planting different varieties can also extend the time you have that lovely rich new colour to enjoy.
Mme Lemonnier   Little Charmer      Lilly                     Conny               Flash Gordon

Telopea have some of the most majestic flowers. These are also called NSW Waratahs and hailing from across the ditch you can imagine they are going to like the dry and hot areas of the garden but surprisingly they are good at dealing with the cold as well. They like a good cut back after flowering to keep them in good shape. Don't over feed them, they are used to having a lack of phospherous in the Aussie soil so only low phospherous fert please. 
Brimstone Blush  Dawn Fire            Red Embers         Speciosissima

Rose stuff... Meet the guys from Waikato Rose Society

The thing about horticulture is that you are always learning new things.. I'm sure that it's because one is dealing with something that is living, so no matter what your experience, there is always something to be gained. We have our friends from the Waikato Rose Society here on 5 different occasions so everyone local can have a chance to learn more about how to get the best from your roses. Check out the dates and register your interest on facebook or send us an email to let us know if you are coming. 
I'm sure that these guys from the rose society will be able to answer just about anything you want or need to know from pruning, varieties to choose, rose diseases and help enable you to grow the perfect rose.
Cupid                   Picotee                Scott Base           Little Miss Perfect
Rose pruning demos by the Waikato Rose Society will be on Sat Jun 22 @ 11am, Sun Jun 23 @ 1pm, mid week Thu Jul 4 @11am then Sat Jul 13 1pm and Sun Jul 14 11am. Hopefully there is a date and time here that will suit.  

If you are coming to the fieldays please drive carefully, it's been pretty foggy first think so turn your headlights on and don't forget the gumboots, you might need them.
Have a fabulous weekend 


Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere Team

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