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Friday 27th September, 2019


A birthday was in the making this week and it just happened to coincide with the World of Wearable Arts Awards so of course a quick trip to Welly to enjoy the show and see the sights was a must and a great way to celebrate. First up though was a visit to the Botanic Gardens, after all where else would a keen horticulturalist go when first arriving in the windy city? The day was gorgeous for a trip to the gardens, crisp blue skies, a slight breeze and still cool enough to make walking around hills a pleasure. Apparently the tulip displays are breathtaking as you will see by the pics posted to facebook
I wouldn't know of course because I'm still sitting at my desk typing this newsletter. I took the call from the boss this morning offering both good and bad news. It was a bit like the joke, what do you want first the good or the bad news, so of course I said give me the bad news. Lloyd told me that, no matter what he tries, he just can't make his computer work... thinks it might need updating on the network at home before he can open it. Well I've heard that before, must be another good day in the Capital I think 'cause now I'm writing the newsletter and he's off on another adventure in my old hometown. If you are wondering what the good news was, well there are some really lovely pics to be posted on facebook to show where they've been and what caught their eye. I must say I'm loving the journey, back in my memories, as I see the pic of the boat sheds and the Monastery on the hill that you see as you wonder along Oriental Parade.

Blooming gardens!
Very soon will be the best time time of year for visiting some amazing gardens around the country.  Many have been posted already on our Events page on the Wairere website and I'm sure if you look locally there will be many more that may be of interest to you. November of course is the month when most gardens will be looking their best as this is generically the peak of the flowering season. Many of the gardens in these rambles are internationally known and well worth a visit for inspiration and to enjoy their beauty. There are some really big garden rambles that are booked on the same days as others so get planning on which ones you want to join.


Where do you find a good bargain?
We are often asked if we have any specials at the moment, which of course we have running all the time, so I thought I would introduce our websites special pages. We have a huge catalogue of plants, predominately trees, shrubs and perennials and in these plant types we have lots of different varieties and within the different varieties we often have different grades of the same variety... so it is a big task to list everything that might be on special at a given time however we have some very specific pages on our website that deal with the plants that we think deserve a mention either due to their price reduction, rarity or just overall are something you should have in your garden. Specials, Family Deals, Celebration plants, Must Haves, Just Arrived, New 2 Us... these are all our way of showing these.
Family Deals are individual plant varieties that are discounted and is possibly the closest we have to an actual specials page.
Sale is the one we use when we have a range on special i.e. all prunus or all apples and will usually be a discount percentage across all of the targeted type of plant. This doesn't show on the menu unless we have a sale on.

Of course there are bulk buys and multi buys shown throughout the website as well which discount either one plant variety bought in higher quantities or a range of the same type of plants of the same price category which are reduced the more you buy. Hostas, Delphiniums and Camellias are a good example of this.  For instance you can buy 10 or more camellias of any variety (the same or mixed) in the $34.99 price value and only pay $34 each for them and of course the more you buy the more they are discounted.
Must Haves are for those special plants that are either rare or of a particularly good grade, or form, of a plant. This is a good page to watch if you are a bit of a plant nut like Lloyd.
Special Occasion Plants are plants that have names that help to celebrate occasions or people. They may have a name of a person or represent an event or occasion. Great for gifts to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, memorials and more.
New 2 Us This will show new season plants that are coming available but also plants that have been around for a while that we haven't had before so not necessarily new but definitely new at Wairere. This will also include roses that we may already stock as bush but may have managed to find in standard or pillar form for the first time.
Don't forget that you can find any of the plants in these pages either in their usual category or via our search engine. 

What's in this weeks selection?

Ange has been enjoying all the new perennial varieties coming available and has bought in a lovely selection of colourful in flower plants to brighten the spring garden flower beds.
Dicentra spectabilis or Bleeding Heart as it is known, due to the shape of it's flowers, has a delicate looking, fern like foliage on stems with an arching effect. The pendula flowers hang from the arching stems. Likes light shade and humus rich soil with some shelter from the wind. Nothing worse then loosing your blooms to the wind when you have waited all year to see it.
Astilbe are great border plants and superb for cut flower arrangements. We have just bought in 2 mixed lots of these. Grande is the taller mix with pinks and creams, these get to around 80 cm tall so are the biggest of the varieties. Show Star is another mix of shorter stature at 45 cm with a mix of cream, pinks and red. All Astilbe prefer a moist soil that won't dry out in summer heat so lots of compost as a topdressing to retain moisture would benefit these plants. They do well in bog gardens or at side of ponds.
Diamante             Gloria                  Fanal                    Show Star            Grande
Federation Daisies are such good value, they flower from spring to frosted and are so free flowering that a trim between flushes is always hard to do as no one likes to sacrifice flowers but do trim them after they have had the best of their display to keep them compact and to encourage a full new flush of colour. They cover all the bases, easy care, lots of colour, drought tolerant, flower for months. Far too many to name so check them out by clicking the link. (It is embedded in the words Federation Daisies at the start of this paragraph!)
Geraniums are another full colour perennial, that is so diverse in that there are so many colours and leaf types to choose from. Like the daisies these are also drought tolerant, like the sun, grow superbly in containers or direct in the garden.
Peonies are just in from the deep south, they are the same 5 varieties that we had as dry packs so if you missed out then you can get them now as potted and already emerged or just about to be.  These ones have had the chill required for this seasons flower set so at least  
Nemesia is another of those wonderful, light up your garden, plants that flower in such profusion and in so many delightful, split colours. They look amazing as a swathe through a garden or dotted throughout for highlights. Grow well in containers and hanging baskets as well. Trim back after flower flush to encourage compact growth and a reflush of flowers.
Lavender are rolling in still but only the Spanish varieties so far, if you are looking for the English varieties then there are still maybe 2 -4 weeks to wait. The Fairywings range is a recent release and is showing some gorgeous colour as are Major, Purple Pixie, The Princess and The Ghostly Princess. Remember to make sure you trim these back after the best of the flowers are finished or they will get woody and leggy.  Keep them compact and you will have stunning displays of colour all season. 
Lavender              Geranium              Nemesia                Geranium              Lavender
FW Radience       Purple Stripes     Lilacberry Ripple  Dresdner Lilac    FW Spellbound
Our Prunus Awanui and Falling Snow are both flowering beautifully this year thank goodness as last year the Awanui's didn't flower so well and we wondered if they would have to go but this year they have saved their bacon.  We had trapped a large number of possums in the nursery last year and believe that they and possibly the parrots, that arrive around around now, were the culprits for the lack of bloom. We did look at what else may have contributed to this and found that if Prunus have a long dry period this can hinder flower production and of course frost damage can also effect the blooms. Other consideration was for trees planted in lawns that have been sprayed for broad leaf weeds as these sprays are a hormone spray that can affect trees by changing their behaviour quite radically. Hopefully your plants are ablaze with colour and showing why they are one of the most popular of the flowering cherries.

That is probably enough from me for a while, hopefully you have all enjoyed this weeks read and found something helpful, something beautiful and something you just have to have in this selection of plants.
This Sunday is the time some people really don't enjoy, being the start of daylight savings, but for me it means that from the 29th of September on I get more time to spend doing what I really enjoy...gardening.

Have the best weekend 


Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere Team

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