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Saturday 4th September, 2021


Wahoo!!!  As I sit here at my desk it's an absolute stunner of a day and so much to be grateful for. Not only is the day just so spring like, well it is spring isn't it ? or is it officially the 23rd of September as I hear my  team telling me. 
It's also click and collect trading at Wairere and we now resemble something like the queues at Maccas or KFC as many take the opportunity of this kind of Level 3 shopping. It's actually going quite well as we have stockpiled all of the orders from prior to lock down and of course there are new orders coming through. Just on that note, all the courier orders are also stock piled and just waiting for the nod.. Unlike other freight, at this time of year we have to be able to get your plants to you within the week so we all have to be patient until this can happen.
I have never seen the place like this before  and it's probably hard to imagine but there are huge areas of plants all sorted into orders either waiting for collection and or dispatch. If you do have an order that is waiting for the courier and you are able to collect then please let us know... we can refund the freight and you should get your plants quicker.  
We have also had the team back  albeit with masks and appropriate social distancing and in three days the place is coming back together pretty quick.. The roses heard that it's spring, well the warm sunny days and that bit of rain set them off, and they are growing at the rate of knots now so it was imperative to get them spaced. I imagine that trees won't be too far behind now either and then they will need to be respaced.
Those few dry days also caught us on the hop with all the trees on the hedge line and not under irrigation  The last 4 days  have seen me get them into some sort of logical order and now safely in position to be automatically watered.. yes we have had to run the irrigation once and I am pretty sure that I am going to have to run it again tonight.
Plants that have been in the nursery from the winter all need to be fed and it's a good time for you to feed all your pots around home. All pots need to be fed with proper pot fertilizer  and so dont be tempted to use that instant stuff that you put on the garden.  Instant fertilizer when watered will go straight into solution and be too strong for the feeder roots. Most pot fertilizers have a controlled release of nutrients over 3 6 or even 9 month terms but I tend to feed every quarter.. Once a plant shows nitrogen deficiency it may take 3 to 6 months to come right again.
Its hard to know what day of the week it is at the moment but today is Friday and it's Fathers Day  this Sunday.. It will be a tad different for most as we all are in our bubbles and not able to have those family get togethers but make sure that you all touch base.
Have a great weekend 
Cheers Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere team.

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