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Saturday 9th October, 2021

It's an old age thing...
I blame the years of bending that just seems to be part of nursery work, or it could be the abuse of lifting things too heavy, or maybe even it's just genetics, but the lower lumbar seems to be quite fragile these days. The wrong twist and I'm reaching for the Voltarin until I can walk upright again. But rather than taking meds I have been taking myself off to the gym under the guidance of a trained PT. Apparently the need is to strengthen those core muscles and I have to admit that those that display those all important abs (not that I do) have a totally new appreciation from me. There is quite a bit of dedication going on there.
I'm going to own up to the fact that it's so much easier when you just rock up to the gym and there is someone who just tells you what to do. The fact that they then supervise you to make sure that you are; A) doing it correctly, B) doing enough and C) that you are not going to overdo it, really makes a difference. That someone is Mike and of course, me being me, I can't not do what is required, especially when Mike is watching or there are others around. Now I've become quite addicted and with this yoyoing in and out of levels it means that we don't get to go to the gym and I don't like to get behind. I am sure that the regular investment and effort is making a difference and setting up our physical future.
I also think that its really important to continue to support each other through these times and so Mike has been sending programmes to us enthusiastic types. The self discipline required not to just to sit and have a gin is a big ask but there we were running up and down the drive. It had to be after work as I wasn't going to do that in front of the team and the drive must be a touch longer than I thought as my legs have suffered for days. Thankfully yesterday was a rest day and I will wait to see what is in store for this arvo. All in the name of continuing to do a physical career. Memo to self though, if these lockdowns continue we will need a decent mat and some better gear, though its no substitute for actually going to the gym.
Like Giant Flamingos, you see them here, you see them there
Chinese cedar, Chinese Mahogany or as I know it Cedrela sinensis but I believe that this one has had a name change to Toona sinensis. The toon tree belongs to the Melia family and is native to East and Southeast Asia and plays its part in the ornamental garden and with the amazing shrimp pink colour its leaves are first thing in the spring. These leaves do change to a yellowish green and then finally blend into the garden as just green leaves on quite a distinctive upright shaped tree. 
Toons can sucker and so a single stem will become quite the clump and showpiece in the garden as you get a mass of these pink leaves. Interestingly enough, the leaves are also edible with best flavour of floral onion when they are still in the pink shades.  In China and Southeast Asia  toon leaves are made into toona paste which is used as a condiment with porridge and other dishes like fried rice, bean curd and mushroom soup.
The timber is hard and reddish in colour and used in furniture making .. I guess if related to mahogany then this makes sense. The wood is also lightly scented and is burnt in temples for its delicate fragrance. It would have to be a must have for the garden.
And before I forget to mention, we have an amazing grade of Quercus Robur Fastigiata at the moment, well worth lining a driveway with so be in quick for these. Another large and stunning tree we currently have are our Metasequoia Glyptostrobodes which will provide an instant look. With these you will need to come and pick them up as they are too big to be sent any other way.
Tis the Season for Pretties, Fluffies call them what you will 
Daisies - these must be everyone fav... for almost constant flowers and a great filler in the garden for months. If you do cut them back they will be back in flower in just over 6 weeks. Cutting them back from time to time will keep the plant bushy and in great shape. These are what we in the industry would call herbaceous shrubs and will last several years though over winter it will do best in a sheltered warm spot in the garden. There are quite a few to check out.
Daisy Honey comb Honeycomb has a massive yellow-gold central eye with a star like outer ring of petals in pale cream.
Daisy Sugar Cheer. Delectable pink anenome blooms set this gorgeous daisy apart with its vibrant pink outer petals and bold pink central eye.
Daisy Sultans pride The blooms are fresh white with a cheerful yellow eye set against attractive blue green foliage
Daisy Cherry Harmony Cherry Harmony puts on a great show through the spring and summer of fully double flowers of brilliant deep pink making a brilliant show of colour.
Spanish lavender with its rabbit ear tops are all the rage in so many shades these days I can hardly keep up
Lavender Major is a classic that has been around for a few years now and such a vivid shade or purple.  
Lavender The princess is reasonably new and is such a cool colour of almost a bright pink. 
Winter lace and Pippa also have the classic flowers in different shade of the tradditional purple that is lavender
It's not just the herbaceous perennials that bring the fluffy highlights to the season but plenty of shrubs too
Orders for collection
I know that this is going to sound tough, but as a rule we hold orders for only around ten days. Why? All paid orders have to go to a separate area and at this time of year when the growth is phenomenal it's too hard to keep up with the cultural needs of all the individual plants. Having a garden centre with a living product, the care and maintenance is a constant and we do really try to sell a great plant that is healthy and well maintained.
On top of that we occasionally get overzealous shoppers who help themselves to them which is a tad embarrassing when the rightful owner turns up.
We have been flexible here on this point because many of our Auckland clients have not been able to collect but there are huge numbers of orders put aside. I would love all their owners to collect as it's now beginning to take up substantial space in the nursery. So if you have an order that needs to be collected then I please ask that you call in and collect. For those up there in Aucks we can now get these couriered or trucked so please contact us if we could send these out and gain some space back in the garden centre.
Up and coming events for your Calendar planning
I know for a fact that there are many of our clients that are putting in some hard yards to get their piece of paradise looking just perfect and gorgeous for many of the garden rambles and events that happen at this time of year. They share their personal space for good causes and of course it's always a huge incentive to get everything spic and span for the days.. 
Taranaki Garden festival is a big event these days and runs over a couple of weekends being the 29th October until the 7th of November. Plenty of time to plan a garden filled weekend away. Get on their website gardenfestnz.co.nz
Saturday 6 November being a fabulous day out for you to experience 12 outstanding town and country gardens. Information and tickets are at www.hillcrestnormal.school.nz/ggt2021
Saturday and Sunday  20th and 21st of November
Event by Taupo Anglican Church St Andrew's
Tickets www.trybooking.com/nz/events/landing
It's time for our biennial Garden Walks again! This is going to be a great weekend starting with the launch party on Friday the 19th of November, with complimentary canapes and a cash bar, plus a fundraising auction with some amazing items up for grabs, a fun event and only $15 per ticket. Over Saturday and Sunday there will be access to 24 gardens in and around Taupo. Tickets are $40 each or $60 if you would like a lunchbox on Saturday. 
Roll on Level two
I must admit that I don't get it but in my much much younger days and travelling abroad to various countries like Turkey, Israel, Egypt and India its was a no brainer to go and get the required vaccination to protect my health. Then there have been so many other illnesses in past years that have been controlled by appropriate vaccinations and the recent measles outbreak would indicate that they are still necessary. Today the issue is no different with Covid and I am keen to have people shopping and choosing their own plants as quickly as possible. We are missing our customers here in our beautiful garden centre. It's just too quiet!!!! I must say that the nursery is looking stunning as you can see below.
More than that I want to have our freedom back, to be social and to go to events like we have always done including these up and coming garden rambles and events that are all for good causes. There is nothing like inspiration to see what others have created. 
It's Friday again and I have missed a few of my weekly emails  due to just having too much to do. It's going to be a different school holidays for all those with kids but hopefully not too much longer.  Have a great weekend.
Happy gardening, cheers... Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere team.
PS. Don't forget to get those spuds in and so if you are not out and about then get some Rocket or Swift in or even Jersey Bennes for Christmas. If you are a main crop type person then now is the time for these as well and there is still heaps of choice.

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