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Camellia Leaf Gall

Camellia Leaf Gall is an unsightly yet relatively harmless fungus disease that usually appears at the time of the new leaf growth in early spring. Some years it is worse than others depending on the weather and growing conditions. To the new gardener it can be quite alarming but never fear help is here.

This fungus mainly attacks Camellia sasanqua cultivars. It only attacks the new small leaves and causes the leaf cells to expand rapidly making the leaves look distorted and fat, the leaves often have a pink-reddish appearance. The new growth that is not infected will rapidly develop and remain immune. Leaf Gall does not kill Camellias.

Use a clean pair of snips to cut off infected leaves, dipping into a disinfectant solution between each cut. Discard the infected material off-site and then if you wish spray the Camellias with ‘Perfecktion’ or ‘Nature’s Curator’ to give the immune system of the plant a boost. Alternatively you could spray with liquid Copper Sulphate.

The danger period for Camellia Leaf Gall will pass quickly and good cultural practice should stop this disease ever becoming a serious problem.


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