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Plant Elephant and Printanor Garlic from autumn to early winter and harvest around six months later. 

Garlic needs a sunny, well drained spot, enrich soil with well-rotted organic matter or sheep pallets before planting cloves out.  Garlic can be grown in a container or in a garden bed. 
Plant individual cloves no deeper than 2 cloves deep and about 15-20 cm apart. 
Feed with a general purpose fertiliser, well-rotted compost, chicken pellets or bio-boost monthly, and water regularly. 

 Harvest, around Christmas time, by digging bulbs up (not pulling them up, as this may damage them).  Leave to dry in a warm, sunny spot until the leaves wrinkle and turn brownish, then remove the leaves and store your bulbs whole in a cool airy place until required. 

NB Elephant Garlic does not store for as long as regular Garlic but once you get the taste of it that shouldn't be a problem! 


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