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Ipomoea Batatas AKA Kumara.

Preparing the sites

Create your kumara beds by firming the soil at the base of your site and then dig from the sides creating a loose furrow over top.  It’s better that the soil under the mounds is quite firm so that the plants don't form tubers too deep.  Kumara like a sunny spot in the garden.


Plant the kumara slips as soon as you receive them, as they are delicate and may rot/fail if left unplanted too long. 

Planting kumara is a simple matter of laying a slip on the prepared beds, about 50 cm apart, place 2 fingers about 2/3 of the way along the slip, press it down gently into the ground, creating a U shape, cover with soil and tamp down lightly by hand.

Let them do their thing don't chop the vines as they are growing, but lift them to ensure they are not sending down roots along the vines as this will stop the tubers forming.  You can leave the vines upside down on the ground or trailing over a structure. 

Keep moist until they strike and start growing as if they dry out they may die, keep the weeds at bay until the Kumara tops cover the ground.  


Harvest in autumn - late March - or before the frosts come and before the tops die down.
Lift the Kumara carefully making sure that you don't damage the skins... cure them by drying the skins in the sun for a few days, maybe bring them inside in the evenings.
Can be stored for about 4 - 5 months in a dark cupboard.

If you have a hankering to grow a crop of Kumara then be in quick as slips don't keep long and need to be planted as soon as possible.


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