how to  ⏵  Planting New Winter Roses



With new winter roses that are freshly potted, be aware that most of the potting mix may fall away from the roots.  It is important, therefore, that you plant the rose immediately as having the roots exposed can damage the plant.

Plant into good top soil, digging a hole larger than the bag that the rose came in and also crumbling the soil. 

Don't use compost or green organic matter in the hole as compost tends to absorb excessive moisture in the winter causing new roots to rot.

Plant so that the graft shows above the soil line to the same height as it was when it was in the bag.

The placement of the rose in the hole should look similar to this picture  


Use good compost on the soil surface but don't bulk it up around the rose bud union.

Only use controlled or slow release fertiliser when planting a new rose.  Apply to the soil surface and let natural rain, watering and organisms distribute the food.

Winter spray care should comprise of Copper Oxychloride, Conqueror oil and Lime Sulphur.  Spray the last two a fortnight apart as Lime Sulphur is incompatible with Copper.

In the spring, at leaf burst, it is important to notice if leaf drop occurs as this will indicate downy mildew.  Immediate control is essential as it's a common problem which will cause dieback and, in serious cases, death of the bush if not attended to.  A fungicide such as Fungus Fighter or Supershield must be sprayed 3 times, 3 days apart, preferably before the rain.  Ensure you spray the underside of the leaves.

Remove the label as it can cause dieback on the branch to which it's tied.  

Enjoy your results!


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