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How do I Prune My Roses?

This is a question we keep getting asked, so Harry and I thought we would put together a few hints with the hope that this might help you out. It may look like a recipe and in some ways it is, but here is what we suggest.

Pruning Guide

Cut too high above bud: may die back

Cut at wrong angle to new bud

Correct cut and to new bud

Pruning Summary

There are a lot of myths and apprehension attached to this pastime. The basic rules are really simple.
- Remove any diseased or spindly growth.
- Remove any branches that cross over other branches.
- Prune to buds from behind and slightly above the bud at approx 45degree angle.
- Aim for a well shaped and open bush or shrub.
- Usually remove one quarter to one third of the last seasons growth.
- If you are trying to maintain the bush to a certain height then work on replacing old wood with new current season's growth.


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