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Hybrid Tea

   Most Hybrid Tea roses are repeat flowering through spring and summer and produce one flower per stem with sparce foliage. The Hybrid Tea bud form is usually pointed and as the petals unfold, they develop into a “classic” large rose shape. Heights range from 80cm to 150cm. Large colour pallet available.

Floribunda (L. many flowering)

   Floribunda roses bear clusters of flowers on one stem: usually repeater flowering from spring through to late autumn. Floribundas are slightly shorter than Hybrid Teas but are bushier in habit.  They are excellent in beds, used in borders or as a low hedge.

Flower Carpet

   Low growing habit, with an abundance of smaller flowers in large clusters.  Flowers repeat well and the foliage is often glossy staying low, giving a “groundcover” effect.  Great mass planted, they can add colour to bare spots in the garden or rockery and can be grown over unsightly object like tree stumps.


   Austins are English Shrub roses – bred by David Austin since the 1960’s.  Austins usually have a high petal count, but the Austin collection also includes singles and doubles. Often in soft tones, they have an abundance of flowers, repeat well and are usually taller than many bush roses growing from 100cm – 180cm.

Climbing and Rambler

   Climbing roses are vigorous growers and require training over a support structure – for example fences, an arch, against walls or a pergola. Climbing roses often have large, scented flowers that will repeat flower from spring through to autumn; they will grow from around 2.5m to 10m.  Rambling roses are more informal sending, long, strong branches from the base of the plant to “ramble freely”; Rambling roses have generally smaller flowers, tightly packed in large sprays, giving an impressive mass annual display.

Standard 45cm, 80cm and 1.8m

   Standards, aka Tree Roses, are roses which are grafted at the top of a sturdy vertical stem – in heights of 45cm, 80cm and tall standards at 1.6m or 1.8m.   Hybrid Teas, Floribunda, Austins and Flower Carpets are developed into standards; 45cm and 80cm standards are useful to bring height to a garden, bringing blooms closer to eye level they can be underplanted; they make an excellent display when lining a path or framing an entrance.  Tall Standards on a 1.6 or 1.8m stem are Weeping roses. 


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