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Everyone knows this classic bright green apple with its tangy flavour and crisp white flesh. Bake it, sauce it, slice it, caramelise it, but most of all, simply bite into it. Keeps well. A productive regular tip bearer maturing later in April. You've got to love your Granny.

Developed quite by accident by 'Granny' Smith of New South Wales around 1868 and introduced commercially around 1900. 'Granny Smith' flowers and fruit are produced on the branch tips - be mindful of this when pruning.


Colour: White / Pink
Habit: Upright
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 4.5m x 3m

Apple Granny Smith MM106

Current Stock Height: 150/170 cm  ? 

Container: pb18  ? 

New stock arriving beginning of July, 2020. Pre-order now. Estimated price $39.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.


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