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Berries are the perfect fruit – not only are they great to eat, versatile in their usage and add fabulous colour to desserts and baked goods, but they are packed with nutrients including good doses of Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. They are really easy to grow, occupy only as much space as you are willing to give them, and produce prolific quantities of fabulous fruit. They make jolly jars of jam and cheerful chunks of chutney when you have a bumper crop.  

There is a wide range of Berries to choose from, some of which are known as Brambles, due to the fact that they have thorny or spiny canes and branches. Brambles are those tasty, colorful delights of early summer and autumn. The genus Rubus is divided into many species that include raspberries, blackberries, dewberries, loganberries and boysenberries. Berries include strawberries, blueberries and gooseberries. 



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