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Picture of Pomegranate Eversweet

aka Pomegranate

The Pomegranate is a beautiful and highly ornamental shrub and a producer of highly decorative and nutritious fruit. Large showy orange-red flowers over a long period from late spring through summer. They are very sweet and virtually seedless. Deciduous.

Popular in Spanish and Middle Eastern Cusine the Pomegranate has also been seen as a symbol of fertility through-out the ages mainly because of the high seed count in the fruit. Easy to grow in a sunny well drained spot with protection from harsh frost. The fruit is high in Vitamin C, B5, Potassium and anti-oxidants.


Flower Colour: Orange / Red
Habit: Upright
Mature Size 7-10 yrs (HxW): 3m x 2.5m

Pomegranate Eversweet

Current Stock Height: 20/30 cm  ? 

Container: 3l  ? 



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