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A pear that is at the peak of its ripeness is really hard to beat – especially if you have been able to pluck it from the tree in your own garden. There are so many varieties of this wonderful genus, that there is surely a variety to suit all tastes. From the firm and crunchy to the soft and juicy they are superb for eating fresh and there are so many yummy ways in which to incorporate them into other dishes. 

With their modest moisture requirements, pears also suit coastal conditions and thrive in heavy, sandy loams with good drainage in a sunny position. They are ideal for cool-temperate climates. They must be cross-pollinated to produce fruit. Prune to remove damaged branches and to improve the shape of the tree in late winter or early spring. Plentiful sunlight is a key factor for maximum fruit production. Choose an area of the garden in full or nearly full sun. Morning sunshine is particularly important for early drying of dew, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.  



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