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Picture of Dianthus Coconut Sundae

aka Pink

Commonly known as a 'Pink' this 'Coconut Sundae' is delicious but with zero calories! Beautiful double white flowers drizzled with cherry red in the centre. Smells divine. Loves well drained soil and a sunny spot, easy to grow and hardy. Will flower for months. Evergreen. Perennial.

Dianthus will benefit from a side dressing of lime once a year as they generally prefer alkaline soils. Dead-head regularly to encourage more blooms.


Flower Colour: White / Red
Habit: Clump Forming
Mature Size (HxW): 30cm x 40cm

Dianthus Coconut Sundae

Expected Stock Height: 5/10 cm  ? 

New stock expected Middle of September, 2024. Waitlist now. Estimated price $21.99. Payment on order.


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