Picture of Lavender Munstead

Lavandula. English Lavender. A dwarf, compact form with foliage and flowers that carry the true sweet lavender fragrance we all love. The fine, grey foliage is topped off with stalks of little lavender flower heads in the peak of summer. Trim after flowering. Loves the sun and good drainage. Evergreen.

'Munstead' is named after Munstead woods in Surrey - the home of renowned garden designer - the late Gertrude Jeckyl.


Colour: Mauve
Habit: Compact
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 30cm x 30cm

Lavender Munstead

Current Stock Height: 20/30cm  ? 

Container: 1.5l  ? 



Lavender Munstead

Current Stock Height: 15/20 cm  ? 

Container: 1.3l  ? 



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