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Lavender blue dilly dilly......

Who does not love Lavender? Used since time immemorial as a medicinal herb, an insect repellent, an aromatic oil and a general all round house hold essential especially when there was a bit of strewing to be done. The Romans and Greeks used Lavender when bathing and that is the origin of the botanical name Lavandula (la-van-dew-la) which comes from the Latin word lavare meaning to bathe or wash. Lavenders natural home is the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and India.

Believe it or not the much loved English Lavender does not come from England at all. It was probably introduced by a conqueror who like to smell nice and wouldn't travel anywhere without his favourite herb. History tells us that Lavender grew in England from about 1265 onwards. Talking of smelling nice Lavender is one of the main ingredients in the world famous Eau de Cologne, 4711, named after the street number of the 18th century inventor of "water from Cologne".



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aka Spanish lavender

Lavandula. Neat and tidy Lavender with fine, green leaves and masses of lilac flowers. Ideal for low hedges, containers or mass planting. Very attractive to bees. Loves the summer heat and is a waterwise plant. Happiest in a sunny, well-drained site. Trim after flowering. Evergreen.


Flower Colour: Purple / Purple
Habit: Upright
Mature Size (HxW): 60cm x 65cm

Lavender Riverina Margaret

New stock expected Middle of April, 2023. Pre-order now. Estimated price $19.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.

Picture of Lavender The Princess

aka Spanish Lavender

Lavandula. What a pretty little Princess this Australian bred lavender is with dark pink tufted blooms that appear from spring through to summer. Aromatic grey-green foliage combines well with the flowers. Loves the sun and good drainage and a coiffure after flowering. Evergreen.


Flower Colour: Pink
Habit: Upright
Mature Size (HxW): 70cm x 70cm

Lavender The Princess

New stock expected Middle of September, 2023. Pre-order now. Estimated price $21.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.


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