Picture of Callistemon Rocky Rambler

Bottle Brush. A spreading low growing form of this popular Australian shrub. During the summer it smothers itself with bright red 'bottle brush' flowers that are tinged with gold. Loves hot dry areas and happy on the coast. Quite drought tolerant once established. Evergreen.

Members of the Callistemon family or 'Bottle Brush' as they are commonly known do not like too much fertilizer. The safest way to give them some nutrients is with a slow release product but remember in this case 'less is more'.


Colour: Red
Habit: Spreading
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 40cm x 100cm

Callistemon Rocky Rambler

Current Stock Height: 10/15 cm  ? 

Container: 2.5l  ? 


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Callistemon Rocky Rambler

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