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Picture of Gleditsia Sunburst

aka Honey Locust

Honey Locust. A quick growing, attractive specimen tree with dainty fern-like foliage. The new leaves are bright lime yellow turning to a softer green as summer progresses, finally turning vibrant gold before leaf fall. Graceful pendulous habit, easy to grow and lovely to sit under. Est.10yr.growth.

This particular cultivar of Gleditsia is thorn-less and makes a very attractive medium sized tree. The leaf colour will be at its best if grown in an open sunny spot. One of my favourites.


Habit: Arching
Mature Size 7-10 yrs (HxW): 6m x 5m

Gleditsia Sunburst

Current Stock Height: 190/220 cm  ? 

Container: 13l  ? 



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