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The Mighty Oak!
An Oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus; there are approximately 600 living species of Oak, they may be deciduous, semi-deciduous or evergreen.

The classic and much loved English Oak grows into a large, spreading tree with pale gray bark and shallowly-lobed green leaves that turn golden yellow prior to leaf fall. Its fruit, the acorn, is much loved by wild-life, especially ducks.

Worshiped by Druids and held in high esteem by Greek, Romans, Celts and Slavs, these majestic trees have been grown in Europe for many centuries and were frequently the largest, tallest living plants on the horizon. The mighty Oak will live between 600 and 700 years so it really is a tree for life and is the perfect symbolic tree for families to plant to celebrate a new-born.


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