Picture of Quercus Robur

The classic and much loved English Oak grows into a large, spreading tree with pale gray bark and shallowly-lobed green leaves that turn golden yellow prior to leaf fall. The perfect tree for large gardens, pond edges or paddocks. Acorns are much loved by wild-life, especially ducks. Deciduous.

The mighty Oak will live between 600 and 700 years so it really is a tree for life and is the perfect symbolic tree for families to plant to celebrate a new-born.


Habit: Spreading
Est. Hgt/Wdth in 7/10 yrs: 30m x 20m

Quercus Robur

Current Stock Height: 160/200 cm  ? 

Container: pb18  ? 



Quercus Robur

Current Stock Height: 130/160 cm  ? 

Container: pb12  ? 



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