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Picture of Podocarpus Gracilior

aka Fern Pine

Fern Pine. A graceful evergreen tree from Africa from the same family as our Totara. In its juvenile form it has green glossy fern like foliage arranged along slender willowy branches. Very slow growing so looks 'forever young' for many years. Sun or shade and deeply worked well drained soil for best results. Est.10 year growth.

The name Podocarpus refers to the stalked 'fruits' of this tree and gracilior means graceful.


Habit: Upright
Mature Size 7-10 yrs (HxW): 2m x 1.5m

Podocarpus Gracilior

Current Stock Height: 150/160 cm  ? 

Container: Hessian  ? 


Stock of this item is very low.


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