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Saturday 5th March, 2022


Always looking 
I know that it's been a while and thanks to all those that have missed their weekly Wairere piece from me, but as you all know some time out is good for us all. I was fortunate enough to take a break from the nursery and spend some time down in the South Island. Some friends organized a cycle trail with a group of others about a year ago called 'Alps to ocean (easy)'. I was sold on the easy and I must say it was amazing ride to do. Our cycling started at Lake Tekapo, along the canals, around a few lakes, over a couple of huge dams, through the countryside and then finished at Oamaru.
Plants are my thing and you never stop looking at what grows where. I almost felt at times that we could have been somewhere in Spain, Italy or Turkey with the plants (well weeds) that grew on the side of the road while cycling. These included plants like Catmint, Artemisa (wormwood or a silver leaved perennial) and that large grey felted leaved perennial Verbascum with the yellow flowers were out in abundance. Wild Echiums were just every where and also the finished flowers of all those Lupins that the South Island is famous for. I also liked the rose hips that were all over the place but I'm sure that for others its the bain of their life.
Then there were the South Island Beech and Rata, some of which were still even in flower. It never ceases to amaze me that some Rata start life as a small seedling high in the top of our forest trees, then over time it makes its way down to the ground, twining its way around the host tree. Over a period of time the rata eventually strangles some huge hosts, which we saw several really mature examples of. I even saw Griselinia, the plant that is such a popular hedge plant, growing as an epiphyte (a plant that grows on another plant) in the top of a very mature Puketea. I have to say that the Griselinia was like a mature tree/shrub growing out of the top, to the point it was confusing which one was actually the tree.
Another plant I have to bring up is the Marlborough rock daisy as its quite a fav of mine. It's white daisy like flowers and those large grey and very hardy leaves attract the eye, but even more grabbing is where it grows - often out of what look like sheer solid rock banks. I spied it growing in what I would call extreme rock conditions as we drove around the Kaikoura coastline and I might add that it was doing very well.
My point here is if we see where these plants grow naturally then that can give us pretty big clues as how to deal with them in our gardens and ornamental conditions and to why they sometime don't 'perform'. Epiphytes for example must be plants that need pretty sharp drainage as the only true water they get is when in rains, which is the same for the rock daisies growing out of cliffside rock faces. The water won't be hanging around in either of those places so good drainage for these in the garden is a must.
We are on Sale!!!  Need to make space for the new season.
It feels like Autumn, the dark mornings, the cool evenings and early hours, the daily temp highs not quite so hot and guess what - it is Autumn and that means it's planting time. Autumn is the best time to plant in my book as the ground is warm and moist, which makes for ideal conditions for your new plants to make that all important root growth. We have a heap of plants on sale to choose from as we need to make room for the new season stock just about upon us. Its time to plan and plant those projects of gardens, hedges and specimen trees.
Come on out and check our sales area, browse through the Roses, Rhodos, Camellias, Fruit trees and Azaleas to see if there are some garden gap fillers for you.
On that note if you are looking online, when using the shop categories such as 'Roses' or 'Fruit trees' there is a check box saying "Show in stock items first" above the page numbers. If you tick this then click update it can help save some time scrolling if you are wanting to look at our on special plants.  
Roses All 25% off marked price
We still have more roses left than we would normally have due to being locked down when they were just about to flower in the spring so a great selection still. They have been looked after, fed, sprayed and dead headed regularly so still looking sharp and healthy. 
Avocados $74.99 now just $49.99 priced to clear
Choose from Hass (A) , Feurte (B)Bacon (B) and Reed(A) and plan to get them in now to start establishing in preparation for winter. One of each A and B will maximise cropping in our slightly cooler climate, though they are self fertile - having cross pollination is always better.
Be organized and create cover as well to protect them through their first years, especially against strong wind and frosts. If ever over the BOP way look out for the covers they make to get avocados established to get some good ideas and then make you own.
Fruit trees 25% off current stock
Including all remaining Apples, Pears, Plums, Figs and Nuts. A delicious and rewarding addition to any property, we have still have a large range to chose from. We also have a handful of Peaches and Nectarines but you will need to come in and have a look through these as they are not all web active.
We need to clear some space to pave the way for all the new seasons stock due to come a tad later in the year so now ids the time to come in, look through and grab yourself a bargain. 
Camellias!!! Bush plants all at marked prices from $15 or $25
All remaining existing stock has to go to make way for the new seasons plants that are going to arrive next week. These have been fed and looked after all season and are great plants and priced to clear. If you have a hankering for a border or just a shrub or two as a filler in the garden then come in and check  these out (These aren't online, so you'll have to come in if you want to browse). Camellias are tough and hardy, great evergreen foliage and then there are always the flowers, Sasanquas usually in the Autumn and Japonicas later in the early spring.
Rhododendrons and Azaleas all reduced by 30%
Rhododendrons are fab fillers in the garden liking a spot that gets some passing shade in the day. Again great evergreen shrubs that give a bonus of flowers in the spring. Deciduous Azalea are also included and in my opinion have some of the brightest oranges and yellows of the Rhodo family. They also have the added bonus of Autumn colour as we move more into the Autumn.
If evergreen is more your style we also have a selection of evergreen Azaleas ready to help fill out and add some colourful cheer to your garden.
Hedging and Shelter belt opportunities
Such a great time to be planting these as we go into the Autumn.
Cryptomeria Japonica or Japanese cedar $12.99 down to $9.99 each. We have a fab grade of these, well grown and approximately 60 to 80 cm high and will grow reasonably quickly into a great hedge or shelter. Plant at one metre spacings or choose from a similar cultivar - Egmont green. These are cloned because they are a gorgeous green cultivar. Plants are bigger at around 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters. $26.99 down to $22.99
Cupressus Ovensii is another classic green hedge or shelter belt. Great plants just 14.99 again plant at one per metre.
You think that you have only been away for a relatively short time but when you haven't seen the garden for a few weeks, so much changes. Plants finish flowering, annuals need replacing, lawns need mowing, hedges need trimming again because its rained. A heavy wind means damaged trees and broken branches that need cleaning up too. There is always something to do but I wouldn't have in any other way. 
Today I need to get some vege plants in the ground because I want to be harvesting through the Winter. I feel that I'm a tad late lol so I don't think I'm going to win the huge leek or brussels competition this year with my more clever friends and neighbour.
It still a tough time out there being under red light phase three rules and I understand from those close to me that currently have omicron but have been vaxxed that they at worst have a mild cold. I am forever hopeful that this will soon pass or we will just have to adapt and that life with our friends family etc can go on as per normal.
On that note there is always good times in the garden. Take care, look after yourselves and your dearest and above all have a fabulous weekend
Cheers Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere team x

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