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Saturday 28th November, 2020

I have to share this as Gordonton has become quite the community, just out here North East of the Tron. I was sitting at my desk doing some work, as you do, and in bounced this very friendly woman, from Zealong tea, bearing one of those hessian like shopping bags.
Inside was this note:- 
To our dearest Gordonton friends, This year has been particularly hard for New Zealand and for the world.
Business as usual is strange and we are all creating a new "normal" in many aspects of our operation. Outside of the work place, it is increasingly important that we take the time to look after ourselves and each other.
Our team at Zealong wanted to reach out to our wonderful Gordonton community and what better way to bring people together other than tea.
Please enjoy our small gift as a token of our appreciation for you being you.
Thank you for being part of our community and for making it so special.
What a cool thing to do and it certainly made my day.
So, on that note, if you are from out of town and in the area then, do check out Gordonton and Hamilton. As for us here at Wairere, we are only closed on Christmas day and not only do we have a fabulous collection of plants available but we also have a display garden that is well worth checking out. Zealong tea is just South of the nursery and the historic homestead, Woodlands, is to the North. There are several Cafes in the area and various other shops, perhaps check our Favorite links page, or google Gordonton to see what may be of interest on your visit to our region.

Unusually fruity at this time of year
I was a little surprised that they still had plants but when one of our suppliers said do you want these I jumped.
Raspberries Heritage has firm, well flavoured berries that change colour after harvesting. Prune the canes back in autumn after fruiting by a third to encourage a second crop in spring.
Tulameen, an excellent option for home gardeners, produces a good crop of large, well flavoured fruit. This is a tried and true commercially grown variety that has proven it's value.
Gooseberries both Invicta and Pax... we always sell out of these but to have some more available at this time of year is unheard of.  Famous for gooseberry pie these small fruits do like a cold spot in the garden. 
Table grapes are pretty easy to grow, all you need is somewhere for them to climb. I like to train them onto a structure, or form along some wires. I do have a grape in front of the office trained along a chain, that can be lifted on and off to maintain the building. I allow two bunches of grapes per new shoot, and then keep the vine tipped, so that the growth or energy goes into the grapes. Keeps it looking tidy too.
Buffalo. A high quality table grape with reddish-black fruit with an attractive bloom. The flesh is green, tender and juicy with a hint of spice.
Candice.  A delicious grape with a thin dark red skin.  The grapes are seedless have a lovely delicate flavour.  Crops well with medium sized bunches that are ripe in summer.
Moores Diamond. This grape is quite compact in habit though obviously will still need quite a bit of space and support. The skin and flesh are greenish white and have a tangy flavour.
New York Muscat. This grape is rated as absolutely the best for flavour. The oval reddish-blue fruits are aromatic with an intense rich Muscat flavour. 
Niagra. Bred in America in 1882 and still one of the most popular table grapes in the States today. Large juicy oval fruits that are an attractive green shade and pleasantly aromatic.
We have good stocks of many of the berries and brambles that offer such delicious morsels for the breakfast table... nothing quite so yummy as a plate of berries and yoghurt to hold it all together or blended as a smoothie.
Bits and Bobs
Idigofera Decora or Summer Wistaria because the flowers actually do resemble those of wisteria and in a very pretty shade of pink but that is where the similarities stop. This cute little shrub grows only around 60 cm high.
Last call for Tokatoka Gold Kumara as the last delivery of Kumara is all but gone, get your order in if you haven't already.  Now half price.
All the Black Friday advertising prompted me to research, again, the meaning of this sales day. Straight from google 'Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season since 1952.'
Not sure that we should be following so closely in the American way of doing things but it sure seems to be taking off here in NZ too... but if you are looking for Christmas ideas for a gardening friend, that you don't have to look after till the big day, consider Wairere vouchers. You can get any amount you wish and they can be printed vouchers or emailed as evouchers. Check out our facebook pics for some inspiration if needed.
Living Christmas trees are now available. All that we stock are good to grow in containers if you are looking for a natural option to display your decorations and pop the prezzies around. The smaller varieties look great adorning the festive buffet too.
Be organised... last delivery week for the year will be the week beginning Monday 16th December.  We will be unable to send any plants after this date as the couriers get so busy there is no guarantee they will be delivered in good time and this is not suitable for live plants. Dispatch will probably start back again on Monday 11th January.
I'm so happy we got some rain this week, it will alleviate the stress on the garden plants and it's almost as if you can hear the trees sigh as they drink it up.
Time's a ticking, lots to get done but remember... have a great weekend 
Cheers Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere team 

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