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Saturday 25th March, 2023


Evergreen or Deciduous?
Lloyd is still on holiday, so it's my turn to write the newsletter this week. 
Cecilia is here, 
Finally managed to sit down for a while after the morning rush. The last few weeks, I have had to fulfil my role as mother and father since my husband is on a business trip, and of course, everything happens when I am alone...
I have not stopped preparing lunches, dinners, and even baked my birthday cake! 
Waiting for a long time at the hospital, taking kids to catch the school bus, to sports, to the doctor, to the dentist, and to friends' houses...Tidying up the house before going to work, our dog stinks (of course... he also got sick), and I had to comfort a teenager's broken heart. 
Technology doesn't help much either, electrical appliances choose the best moment to fail, and the driveway gate doesn't want to open and doesn't let me out.
Many Moms will understand that without a support network and being full-time workers, coming to work and sitting down, or at least moving on to a more pleasant activity, is almost vacation. Especially when you have a busy week like the one that just passed. 
Dear One
Within all my activities, I take A moment in time to write to you. Today I had a Flashback. I have many Memories of you helping me with the chores and the children.I ask you to have Compassion on me and as my Faithful companion, as you promised on the Wedding day, come and give me a Breath of lifePeace and Freedom.
Well, you know we don't have My Mum, My dad, My grandma, My grandad, Evelyn, or My sister to help us. I only have you, My sweetheartMy best Mate. 
You take advantage because you know that I am a Wise woman a Warrior. But you are very important to this family, as much as Abraham Darby for the industrial revolution or Claudet Monet for art. Sir Edmund Hilary or Hayley Wenstera for Kiwis. You are our Pavarotti, our Legend. I will look for a Lucky charm, so you  Forget me not, and come from Northland soon.
Say goodbye to your Best friend, wish him Warm wishes, buy my Birthday present, it can be Dior essence or Tropical essence, a Gold medal, or something Sparkle & Shine, accompany him with an English rose or a Big Crimson bouquet, (nothing Pure and simply), make a Cutie pie and come to Aotearoa, I'm waiting for you here in the Land of the Long White Cloud with Champagne breakfast and some Garden delights.
Cecilia, the rose lover.

This week we received almost 1,700 Rhododendrons. They look very spacious and are placed in bay 2. The team organised them for you in alphabetical order to make it easier to find them.
Some of my favourites are those little dwarf ones that fill any garden with colour known as Seven Dwarfs", created by Percy Wiseman. Hybrid from R. yakushimanum, (20 cm tall) over time, these plants have grown considerably and are no longer so dwarf!

 We have 4 of the seven dwarfs in stock. But if you want to know about other small ones available, here they are.
Sitting for a long time in front of the computer, my hands go numb.
Have you noticed how the temperatures have dropped in the last few nights?
Winter is approaching us very quickly. Daylight hours decrease and solar radiation is weaker. Plants stop photosynthesis - a chemical process in which plants use solar energy to produce the molecules they need to perform their vital functions through the leaves. In addition, chlorophyll - the pigment that gives them their green colour, causes oxidative stress (i.e. causes the plant to age) under these light and temperature conditions. The smartest solution? Get rid of the leaves.
To do this, plants activate the production of hormones that lead them to stop the photosynthesis process and start abscission. The ducts that carried the water to the leaf are closed now, and between the leaf stem and the branch, a layer of cells begins to grow and slowly cut the leaf without leaving any open wound.
At the same time, chlorophyll production stops. The green pigment breaks down, revealing the characteristic yellow and orange colours. 
This oxidative process is already in progress and can be appreciated in many deciduous trees. Some of my favourites at this time are Acers, LiquidambarGleditsia and all those who delight us with their infinite shades from spring to summer.
Thus, the fall of leaves is a self-protection and saving system that plants activate when leaves are no longer used in photosynthesis. When leaves fall, the plant enters a low activity state to save energy for next spring.
In addition, the tree is carrying out a natural recycling process; decomposing leaves transfer their nutrients to the soil, which the tree uses, so the new leaves will grow the following spring.
Perennial trees instead resist cold climates and little sunlight. This occurs because its leaves have protective mechanisms such as waxes and resins, which resist freezing and fracture. Although evergreen trees keep their leaves, the photosynthesis process stops.
I take this opportunity to tell you that we have received a new stock of evergreen Michellias and Magnolias.

This thing about falling leaves sounds marvellous and inspiring. But it gives the team a lot of work in the garden when sweeping or blowing them away several times during the week to keep other plants tidy and avoid slippery floors.

We still have fruit trees, Azaleas, Rhodos, Perennials, Camellias,  and much more, on Sale. 
Ang put on very good price a big bulk of buxus and photinias, come and visit us.

Have a great weekend!
Cheers from Lloyd, Tony and the Wairere team.

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