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If ever there was a generous tree, it is the Mandarin. Even when it is still quite small, it smothers itself in fruit and is therefore well worth growing. Like all citrus varieties, it likes a well-drained, friable, slightly acid soil and full sun. Initial protection from wind in the summer months will help it to become established.

The blossoms of the mandarin are heavily perfumed and can be quite intoxicating in the evening.The fruit is oblate, rather than spherical, and roughly resembles a small pumpkin in shape. Mandarins are usually eaten plain, or in fruit salads and kids love to lie under the tree and eat them by the dozen. This is certainly because the fruit is easily peeled with the fingers, and can be spilt into even segments without spilling juice. This makes it convenient to eat, as one doesn't require utensils to peel or cut the fruit. 



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